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VeriSign Debuts Service

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- VeriSign, Inc., (NASDAQ:VRSN), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced the
VeriSign(R) Log Management Service, which helps address the complexities associated with monitoring, analyzing, retaining, and storing logs from databases and other critical infrastructure.

Log Monitoring is a critical requirement for any company that falls under regulatory and industry requirements. The VeriSign (R) Log Management Service provides customers with the ability to log, track, and analyze user and system activity, helping them to more rapidly prevent, detect and respond to security breaches.

"VeriSign has a long history of monitoring network and operating system log data. With this service we are extending our managed security services to the application level," said Chris Babel, vice president and general manager for VeriSign(R) Managed Security Services. "This service will provide a solution for a much broader range of data types which allows us to address a large and growing market for both compliance and security that is not currently addressed by service providers."

VeriSign Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN)