• 12/16/2005
    5:00 AM
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Survivor's Guide to 2006: Storage and Servers

In the year to come, pay attention to bigger disks, fatter pipes and disk backups. And don't ignore multicore processors, blade servers and virtualization on the server side!


iSCSI & 10 Gig: Perfect Together?

We've been waiting years to see whether iSCSI can compete with FC (Fibre Channel). We're likely to find out in 2006. 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches are becoming more readily available and affordable; we're just waiting to hear about those brave early adopters who can find both an iSCSI connection initiator and a target to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Meanwhile, companies such as Force 10 Networks are working with iSCSI vendors to run 10 Gbps to the target (the server or array that serves up data) and 1 Gbps from the servers. Since iSCSI will move to 10 Gbps just when FC moves from 4-Gbps Ethernet to 8 Gbps, iSCSI has a chance to become the faster platform. The old arguments about iSCSI being too slow will go out the window, and FC vendors will have to find a different excuse.

2006 Survivor's Guide

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