• 03/29/2006
    6:30 AM
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A Modest Proposal: Kill the Web

It???s time to stop letting users have access to the Web at work. Companies that take this bold (though unpopular) step will reap substantial rewards. Here???s why....

Today???s employees have come to expect Web access as a right. That fact is, Web surfing is a privilege, and one that they have sorely abused.

Therefore, at your next executive planning meeting, stand up and advocate this bold strategy for boosting productivity, reducing help desk costs, and limiting liability. If you do, you will be lionized for thinking outside the box, for subverting the dominant paradigm, and for increasing shareholder value. You will be on the fast track to the executive suite.

You will be probably also be lynched by angry coworkers in the corporate parking lot, but the board of directors might commission a nice plaque in your memory.

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