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Unified Communications: Making The Business Case

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TOP STORY: Unified Communications: Making The Business Case

MORE NEWS: IBM Extends Tivoli's Management Reach Deeper Into Cloud

ANALYTIC REPORT: Best Practices: IPv6 Transition

WHITEPAPER: Security Threat Report 2011: Defend Against Malware

SLIDESHOW: Apple Announces iPad2


BLOG: What We Can Learn From The Gmail Crash

WEBCAST: Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready For Potential Disasters?

RESOURCES: Take Our Deduplication Survey -- You Could Win An iPad!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Friday, March 4, 2011


"Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more."
-- Mark Twain



Unified Communications: Making The Business Case

Companies should consider the business value of speeding up transactions when evaluating UC solutions, suggested a panel at Enterprise Connect.


Cisco Launches Unified Communications Systems For SMBs

Enterprise Connect: Global Crossing Intros Cloud Audio Conferencing

Will The Cloud Take Over Enterprise Communications?


IBM Extends Tivoli's Management Reach Deeper Into Cloud

Tivoli Provisioning Manager 7.2 geared to spin up hundreds or thousands of virtual machines an hour in the private cloud.

Why Sun Microsystems Failed

Former CEO Scott McNealy's allegiance to Sun's hardware culture shortchanged its software initiatives, and ultimately doomed the company.

GDC: Google Gets Gaming

As it pitches the Web as a platform, Google is seeking allies among game makers.

Salesforce Announces Social Savvy Service Upgrade

CEO Marc Benioff introduces a Facebook tool and social-network tracking capabilities as part of Service Cloud 3.

The Government CIO 50: Vision, Influence, And Results

The top IT execs in federal, state, and local government are using new technologies and hands-on project management to drive change in the public sector.

Teradata To Buy Aster Data For $263 Million

Acquiring the 89% of Aster Data Systems it doesn't already own, expands the company's data analysis capabilities to social networks and other Web communities.

Army Prepping Integrated Battlefield Network

The military service is conducting tests at two U.S. bases to create a voice, data, and video network for soldiers, command posts, and moving military vehicles.

EMR Market Pegged At $15.7 Billion In 2010

The electronic medical record sector grew 13.6%, and will approach 20% over the next two years in advance of meaningful use requirements, found Kalorama Information study.

74% Of SMBs To Increase Cloud Software Spend

More than half of smaller firms plan to boost their 2011 budgets for collaboration software, according to Egnyte.

  Digital Issue  


New services such as VPLS and Cisco's OTV can transform your WAN.
We dig into the pros and cons of these technologies.

ALSO: Consultant Stephen Foskett on how EMC has finally caught up
to NetApp with new products that unite NAS and SAN.

Plus much more, exclusively in our Digital Issue

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Best Practices: IPv6 Transition

IPv4 is not extinct, exactly, but it may as well be. If you don't act to add IPv6 capability to your network, you're not only limiting the growth and innovation potential of your business, you may also be turning away thousands of customers. In this report, we'll discuss strategies and provide an in-depth look at three real-world deployment models.

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Featured Report

Research: 2011 Backup Survey

There's no excuse for your backup strategy being stuck in a rut. Today's system administrators can take advantage of myriad new and improved data protection technologies, including disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape libraries, data deduplication and cloud-based backups. These and other methods can help overcome two big problems: continued use of backup tapes as an archiving strategy (bad idea) and a lack of data protection for branch offices and remote employees.

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Featured Report


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Security Threat Report 2011: Defend Against Malware

Malware lurks everywhere and tricks even the most scrupulous user. Download the 2011 Security Threat Report to protect against malware.
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Free: Small Business Unified Communications for Dummies - Get The Book

Unified communications (UC) unites video, voice and data so that mobile workers can reach each other easily. Check out this "Dummies" book to learn how UC simplifies communications, enabling employees to be as productive and responsive as possible.
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Apple Announces iPad2

For almost one year, Apple has owned the tablet market. In fact, it's had the market almost entirely to itself. Now, Apple comes along with its long-expected iPad version 2. Observers expect Apple to merely match features, and leverage the enormous volume advantage of its app store; but would Apple merely strive for parity?   View Now


Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad: 2010 Elite 8

Great Lost Software: 16 Gone But Not Forgotten


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Featured Blogger

What We Can Learn From The Gmail Crash

By George Crump

Google's Gmail had a glit introduced that caused 30,000 users or so to loose email, chat and contacts from their Gmail accounts. The cause appears to be a bug in a software update. The current piling on by some storage vendors is humorous. As my mother used to say 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'. Instead of doing that, lets learn from this experience so we can keep this from happening in your data center.


The End Is Nigh For T-Mobile's Sidekick

By Ed Hansberry

Launched in 2002, the Sidekick has been a staple of T-Mobile's offerings and very popular, especially among the younger crowd. Its days are numbered though. If you still rock the Sidekick, start shopping.

SolarWinds Announces IPv6 Management Tool

By Paul Korzeniowski

After years of talk, the move from IPv4 to IPv6 has finally begun to gain some momentum. While the evolution promises to relieve the Internet of potential addressing problems, it may create some management challenges for businesses. In response, SolarWinds has developed a new management module.

Best Buy's Buyback Program Not A Good Deal

By Ed Hansberry

Best Buy recently launched a buyback program where you pay them a fee up front and they will buy your rapidly depreciating technology back from you at a set price in the future. Like extended warranties, you are better off passing on it. Companies don't sell products like this because it is such a good deal for the consumer.

Top 10 Security Spring Cleanup Tips

By Keith Ferrell

The change of seasons offers a good time to take a look at your security posture -- and especially any vulnerabilities that may have cropped up.


Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready For Potential Disasters?

Join this webcast to learn how Oracle's Sun Unified Storage solutions can help you better address backup and disaster recovery needs for Oracle database and application environments.

It happens Thursday, March 10, 2011 -- Time: 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek Analytics is asking for your input on a survey focusing on purpose-built deduplication appliances for backup and data storage. This survey will take approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 16GB iPad (Wi-Fi) valued at $499 from UBM TechWeb.

Survey ends March 8th

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2011 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

For the past 22 years, InformationWeek has honored the country's most technologically innovative companies with its prestigious InformationWeek 500 ranking. Now in its third year, InformationWeek's 2011 Government IT Innovators program will feature the most innovative government IT organizations in the 2011 InformationWeek 500 issue and on

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