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Ultrabooks: Mobile's Next Big Thing |12 Hadoop Vendors To Watch

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist 12 Hadoop Vendors To Watch In 2012
By Doug Henschen
Promising low cost and unheard of scalability, Hadoop has been called the next-generation platform for data processing. Check out the vendors taking Hadoop to the next level.

IT's Next Hot Job: Hadoop Guru
Hadoop's Flexibility Wins Over Online Data Provider

Ultrabooks: The Next Big Thing In Notebooks
Aren't notebooks and PCs in general on the way out as we adopt tablet and touch interfaces and everything else moves to the cloud? Not so fast.

Verizon: 44% Of Customers Use Smartphones
Verizon's fourth quarter earnings show a significant jump in the number of smartphone subscribers, but strong iPhone sales dinged Verizon's margins.

Start 2012 Like You Have A New Job
CIOs and IT leaders should take a first 90 days mindset to start the year on the right track. Define a clear vision, get connected, and inspect.

Infor Plays Catch Up On Mobile
Mobile CRM and approval apps run on iPhone and iPad; supporting Infor Motion 10 platform delivered first via the cloud.

Avaya Flare Communicator iPad App Launches
Flare, originally introduced as a desktop video device for executives, now brings its UC capabilities to the Apple iPad.

Google+ Accepts Pseudonyms, With Caveats
Updated name policy stops short of unqualified pseudonym acceptance, but endorses use of "established" alternate names.

Megaupload Takedown Questioned By Users, Lawyers
Scrutiny increases from users and lawyers regarding the DOJ's decision to block legally uploaded content and pursue criminal charges against file-sharing company.

I never think of the future -- it comes soon enough. -- Albert Einstein


Google+ Accepts Pseudonyms, With Caveats
Megaupload Takedown Questioned By Users, Lawyers
IT Pro Impact: NFC and Mobile Commerce
State of Business Analytics Adoption and Use
Hackers Jailbreak iPad 2, iPhone 4S
Big Data Management Best Practices That Boost Online Performance
Virtual Event: Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services

Valley View
Join Fritz Nelson and David Berlind tomorrow, January 25th, for another episode of our monthly live web TV show featuring some of the hottest companies, technology and people in Silicon Valley. This Month: Sanjay Poonen of SAP Global Solutions talks about the company's moves in the cloud. Plus: Cool CES Tech and a nifty giveaway!
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Posted By Georgeken:
"There are plenty of laws already, which if enforced, could address many of our concerns, that don't require us to provide the federal government unfettered control to shut down websites without due process"
In reply to: "SOPA: Stop Grandstanding, Start Crafting An Alternative"
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  Digital Issue  
The right forensic tools in the right hands are just a start. The new 'Digital Detectives' issue of Dark Reading shows you how to better apply the lessons they teach.

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IT Pro Impact: NFC and Mobile Commerce
Apple, RIM, Google and other smartphone makers are adding near field communication capabilities to their devices for release in 2012. Enterprise mobility teams should be ready to advise business leaders on how to incorporate mobile commerce into the organization's plans.
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Featured Report
Fundamentals: Application Virtualization
The evolution of virtualization has exposed complexities in application distribution and management that we couldn't have imagined in the days of disposable disk images. Our report will help you get started.
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Featured Report


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State of Business Analytics Adoption and Use
New research provides insights into both successes to date and challenges to wider adoption. Discover the 7 keys to making business analytics a successful part of your company's culture and decision-making process.
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Beyond Job Scheduling:The Road To Enterprise Process Automation
The new global business environment and in particular the Internet with its implied on-line, real-time, 24x7 operation has dramatically altered this rigid notion of job scheduling. This white paper discusses how new solutions can automate and accelerate existing IT processes and adapt to new processes and systems as they arise.
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Hackers Jailbreak iPad 2, iPhone 4S
It took 10 months for hackers to crack iOS 5.0.1. Workplaces that allow bring your own device need to act immediately to avoid potential security risks.

Megaupload Takedown Questioned By Users, Lawyers
Scrutiny increases from users and lawyers regarding the DOJ's decision to block legally uploaded content and pursue criminal charges against file-sharing company..

Windows 8 Visual Tour: Microsoft's New Desktop
Microsoft this week gave developers the first in-depth look at Windows 8--the operating system that could finally make it a player in the tablet market. Take a look at key elements.

Why Personal Health Records Have Flopped
It's not a security, privacy, or data-sharing problem. It's a patient problem.

Social Malice: One In 60 Facebook Posts Are Malicious
LinkedIn users feel safest, according to new social networking data gathered by Barracuda networks--but not for long.


10 Big Tech Ideas For Retailers
Mobile and social lead the list of hot tech trends for retailers, but they had company at the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2012. Here's a basket full of ideas to check out.   View Now

How To Make A Textbook With Apple's iBooks Author
9 Tablets Fit For Doctors


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Big Data Management Best Practices That Boost Online Performance
Join Gary Angel, president and CTO of Semphonic, as he details how you can identify the real factors driving online performance and determine the best way to improve results -- with robust, fast data analysis. It happens January 31, 2012. More Information & Registration

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Virtual Event: Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services
Join us on Feb. 15 for the our virtual event 'Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services': Making Providers Part of Your IT Security Strategy. When you attend, you will be able to access live and on-demand webcast presentations as well as virtual booths packed with free resources, and you can also be eligible to win great prizes!
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InformationWeek 500 2012: Call For Nominations!
We've started accepting nominations for this year's InformationWeek 500 -- our 24th annual ranking of the nation's very best business technology innovators. Orgs with $250 million or more in revenue may apply now!
Deadline is April 27 -- Don't Miss It!

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