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Ultrabooks Of CES: Visual Tour | No Android 4.0 At CES

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist Android 4.0 A No-Show At CES
By Eric Zeman
More than 20 new Android smartphones launched, but why are they running Android 2.3, not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?

5 Hottest Smartphones: CES Day One
Samsung Unveils Supersized Smartphone

Ultrabooks Of CES: Visual Tour
Check out the sleek and light ultrabook designs on display at CES, from HP, Lenovo, Samsung and more. There's more than good looks at stake: Think battery life, instant-on, and powerful Intel chips.

Splunk Answers Business Demand For Big Data Analysis
Real-time IT tool for tracking log files, clickstreams, and message queues finds a second (more valuable) use answering business questions.

Nokia Lumia 710 On Sale At T-Mobile
Finnish phone maker's first U.S. device for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform hits stores.

When Someone Else's Insider Is Your Threat
As Symantec recently learned, your intellectual property could be at risk from third parties with whom you do business.

Virtualization Tops CIO Priorities In 2012: IDC
Savings from server consolidation will go to new IT innovations, IDC says.

Kapow Delivers App Dev Punch
Content migration, mobile applications, and process automation are some examples of software development projects that pull data from multiple internal and external systems--just the kind of projects that Kapow aims to speed up.

Three BI Trends Every CIO Must Understand
BI moves from the back room to the conference room and travels beyond enterprise walls, while really big data drives strategy.

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. -- Oscar Wilde


Kapow Delivers App Dev Punch
Three BI Trends Every CIO Must Understand
IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map
How to: Simplify data center build outs, consolidations and acquisitions
CES 2012 Preview: 16 Hot Gadgets
Maximize ROI with Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds
We're Accepting Nominations For The InformationWeek 500

Posted By EVVJSK:
"Oracle had better work with the community on Java or it will go by the wayside as companies continue to ask themselves if they want to fight to put Java on a platform."
In reply to: "Tips For Multi-Platform Mobile App Development"
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Posted By kaliolio:
"Microsoft started screwing up when they changed over to 'ribbons' instead of 'drop down menus.' They seem to be on a curve to dumb down everything."
In reply to: "Microsoft's Dumbest And Smartest Moves Of 2011"
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IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map
Ready to catch the Metro? Windows 8 is a major shift, with features borrowed from desktop gadgets and mobile devices, and it brings a slew of new paradigms for developers. Here's what you need to know.
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Featured Report
Research: Physical and Logical Security Convergence
As employees become more dispersed, physical security measures need to evolve and merge with logical controls. But our trending shows a stunning dearth of innovation and investment in technologies, as well as a lack of integration with SEIM systems. In this report, we'll shed light on this often overlooked but important part of any security posture.
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Featured Report


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How to: Simplify data center build outs, consolidations and acquisitions
Changes in information technology (IT) can be split into two broad categories. Moves, additions and changes (MAC) are day-to-day IT activities. Build outs, consolidations and acquisitions (BOCA) are large-scale projects that require careful planning and implementation to maintain operations. This white paper examines the BOCA process and what is required to meet IT goals and objectives and maintain business continuity.
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Desktop Virtualization: Improve Data Protection, Security and Efficiency
Managing desktop PC's is increasingly more difficult because of new security risks, remote workers and data retention and protection regulations. Simply put, the cost and time associated with managing desktops is rising at a time when budgets are being tightened and IT staffing is strained. Desktop virtualization is the answer. Learn how to improve system availability, provide robust data protection, enhance security, and improve worker productivity.
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CES 2012 Preview: 16 Hot Gadgets
Here's a sneak peek at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show's array of gadgets, from dream cameras to clever iPhone cases--and even a cycling computer that promises you a beach-ready body.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Put To The Test
Corning demonstrated its latest Gorilla Glass 2 at CES, showing that it can withstand the same battering as the original, despite being 20% slimmer. See our smashing video.

CES Day One: Best Tablets
Hardware makers announced a slew of new tablets at CES 2012 Monday. Here's a look at the most interesting choices, including Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7.

CES 2012: Elegant Gadgets Abound
Check out the coolest gadgets from CES Unveiled 2012.

Oracle Makes Big Data Appliance Move With Cloudera
By partnering with Hadoop software and support provider Cloudera, Oracle gets a fast start in the big data market.


CES Day One Brings Wireless Toys, Dancing Robots
At The Pepcom Digital Experience event at CES 2012, the theme was western and the gadgets were wireless.   View Now

CES 2012: Elegant Gadgets Abound
12 Enterprise IT Resolutions For 2012


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How Do I: Create a Website Using the WebMatrix Tool?
This video demonstrates how you can create a new web site using the WebMatrix tool.   Watch

MSDN Bytes - Site Pinning
MSDN Bytes - Ease of IE 9 Feature Implementation



Maximize ROI with Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds
Join Oracle experts Willie Hardie and Mark Townsend as they explain the business case for a private database cloud and describe the architectures that best suit your business and IT requirements. It happens Thursday, January 26, 2012 -- Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET More Information & Registration


We're Accepting Nominations For The InformationWeek 500
Nominate your company for the 2012 InformationWeek 500 -- our 24rd annual ranking of the nation's very best business technology innovators. Organizations with $250 million or more in revenue may apply now!
Deadline is April 27 -- Don't Miss It!

State of Enterprise Storage Survey
InformationWeek is conducting our third annual State of Enterprise Storage survey on data management technologies and strategies. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an Apple 32-GB iPod Touch.
Survey ends Jan. 13

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