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Touchscreens Pose Security Risk; Military IT Shake-Up

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TOP STORY: Touchscreen Smudges Pose Security Risk

MORE NEWS: Military IT Leadership To Undergo Transformation

ANALYTIC REPORT: Oracle On The March

WHITEPAPER: Smarter Devices for Healthcare

SLIDESHOW: Slideshow: Top 10 Tech Newsmakers Of 2010

VIDEO: Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

BLOG: Minor Policy Violations Can Cause Major Breaches

WEBCAST: Security In The Cloud: Challenges & Trends

RESOURCES: Take Our 2010 Application Performance Management Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Few people even scratch the surface, much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience. -- Randolph Bourne



Touchscreen Smudges Pose Security Risk

Residual fingerprint oils on smartphones, ATMs, and other devices may reveal passwords and other confidential data, finds security researchers.


Smartphone Consumer Demand Growing

SMS-Based Trojan Targeting Android Smartphones

Black Hat Warning: ATMs At Risk


Military IT Leadership To Undergo Transformation

The Department of Defense will eliminate its current centralized IT leadership function and create a new, stronger CIO position that will be part of the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Broadband Growth Slowing In U.S.

A Pew Research Center survey found that two-thirds of Americans currently use broadband at home; in a similar survey last year, it was 63%.

Twitter Adds SMS Following

Mobile phone users can now receive tweets via SMS messages, without a Twitter account.

iPod Nano Buyers Get Burned, Literally

Apple concedes units sold in Japan have a battery flaw that can lead to potentially dangerous overheating.

iOS 4.0.2 Promises To Fix iPhone Hack

Apple began pushing iOS version 4.0.2 to the iPhone and iPod Wednesday in order to fix a security problem that allowed hackers to gain access to those devices.

Software Tool Matches Nursing Schedule With Patient Needs

Based on a patient's acuity scores, API's Patient Classification software helps hospitals staff nurses' shifts based on medical needs.

Meraki Adds Wi-Fi Management Tools

A spectrum analysis feature allows automatic WLAN re-configuration as interference changes and a "traffic shaper" prioritizes bandwidth usage by user, application and other variables.

Enterprise Mobility Spending Growing Exponentially

Enterprises are spending an average of $120 a month per mobile employee and few companies conduct mobile connectivity cost audits, according to an iPass survey.

Sprint Buying 10MHz Of Spectrum For $105 Million

Acquisition of Wirefree's licenses will help the number three carrier improve coverage in 16 markets.



Oracle On The March

Acquiring Sun wasn't enough for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who's now driving the company to overtake SAP and IBM and pushing the virtues of a complete Oracle IT stack. Are Ellison's tactics brave or bravado? Who's really leading the Big Data era? We investigate Oracle's next giant steps.

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Featured Report

10 Steps To Ace A FISMA Audit

In the wake of well-publicized cyberattacks and a move by NIST to beef up FISMA, we can't blame agencies and contractors for being wary of inspections. But trust us: Forewarned is forearmed. The best way to sail through is to know what auditors will be looking for.

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Featured Report


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Smarter Devices for Healthcare

Learn how personalized healthcare is becoming a reality as organizations optimize their infrastructures with virtualization and deploy collaborative care models that engage patients.
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Using Win7 to Transform Your IT Systems Management

Migrating to Windows 7 requires assessing your network and hardware for readiness. Discover a commercial tool that will ease the process while improving both your day-to-day IT systems management and user productivity for the future.
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Slideshow: Top 10 Tech Newsmakers Of 2010

These individuals and companies involved in the most significant news stories so far this year. Here's of list of the people and businesses who are making waves in the tech pool.   View Now


Slideshow: Best Of Social Enterprise Patents

Slideshow: 12 CIOs' 'Career Killer' Pet Peeves


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Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

Launchpad 2010 - Finalist Presentation by MindQuilt   Watch


Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Baydin Inc.

Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Doodle




Featured BloggerMinor Policy Violations Can Cause Major Breaches

By Keith Ferrell

Can minor usage policy infractions serve as predictors of larger problems? Evidently so, according to a recent Verizon data breach analysis report.


Meraki Offers Free Wi-Fi Tools

By Daniel Dern

Meraki's free HeatMapper, Wi-Fi Stumbler, and Client Insight tools can help IT plan, improve and troubleshoot WLAN coverage, and diagnose Wi-Fi problems for local and remote Windows, Mac users.

Results Software Signs Up Partners for QuickStart Show

By Michele Pepe-Warren

The vendor has timed its inaugural partner conference to coincide with the release of its updated customer relationship management software.

Dell Streak Carves Niche Between Tablet And Smartphone

By Ed Hansberry

Dell is launching its Android powered Streak this week on the AT&T network. The screen size is five inches, which makes it larger than a smartphone but smaller than a full tablet. Is there room in the market for this device?

Microsoft Swings Purse At Apple To Tout PC Over Mac

By Bob Evans

As part of its increasingly feisty public persona, Microsoft has launched a new website lashing back--well, maybe meowing back--at Apple's Mac-versus-PC ad campaign that publicly flayed Windows for a couple of years. Cnet's Chris Matyszczyk offers a funny take on Microsoft's mushy messages.


Security In The Cloud: Challenges & Trends

Hear how Global Aerospace has crafted a strategy to stay ahead of the curve by taking a global approach to managing content and content-centric processes. Learn how the appropriate ECM solution can provide insurance companies with an efficient, cost-effective way to manage and share critical content and processes, as well as help organizations successfully address regulatory requirements, security concerns and underwriting challenges.

It happens Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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