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Top 10 Security Predictions For 2011; Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

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TOP STORY: Top 10 Security Predictions For 2011

MORE NEWS: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales Celebrates 10 Years of Wikipedia

ANALYTIC REPORT: Eliminating Vulnerabilities In Enterprise Software

WHITEPAPER: The Compliance Trap

SLIDESHOW: Inside Joomla 1.6: Improved Access Control, Categories

VIDEO: JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov

BLOG: Windows Phone 7 Gets Lock Down Treatment

WEBCAST: The Security Threat Report: A look at the latest malware and attack vectors

RESOURCES: Be Part Of The 2011 InformationWeek 500

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"The greatest remedy for anger is delay." -- Seneca



Top 10 Security Predictions For 2011

More malware, botnets, and mayhem, including online protests and political attacks, are in store for this year, according to security experts.


Botnets Resurge After Holiday Break

Sony Sues Hackers Over PS3 Jailbreak

Hackers Could Game Wall Street With Network Latency

Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010


Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales Celebrates 10 Years of Wikipedia

January 15 marks 10 years of Wikipedia. Can it be? Gina Smith caught up with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to get his perspective on these phenomenal 10 years.

Review: Joomla 1.6 Boosts Business-Friendly Features

The open source content management system has addressed several key weaknesses, especially in rights and permissions management.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 9 Available

Faster processing of bookmarks and history data arrives alongside many bug fixes.

Intel Soars To Record Earnings

Business spending, particularly in the data center group, led the chipmaker to income and revenue peaks in the fourth quarter.

What At Stake In IBM's Jeopardy Challenge?

Advances in assisted Q&A could find their way into medicine, legal, tech support and compliance applications.

Jive Suffers Major Cloud Outage

Enterprise collaboration specialist hit with service disruption that knocks customers' wikis out of the virtual sky.

DHS Invests $16M In Cybersecurity Testbed

The DETECT project will make improvements over the next five years to the Information Sciences Institute's DETERLab at the University of Southern California.

Google Promises No Planned Downtime

A new service level agreement (SLA) for Google Apps customers strives to make Google's cloud as reliable as dial tone.

Trio Of BlackBerries Leak

In addition to the leaked BlackBerry Dakota, details about the Storm 3, Torch 2, and latest Curve have also hit the 'net

Microsoft Warns Of Xbox Shortages

The software maker says strong holiday sales of Xbox 360 and Kinect could mean inventory levels won't be enough to meet demand in early 2011.

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Cloud adoption is in full swing. But ignore integration,
management, and monitoring at your peril.

• Real Costs Of The Cloud: An incomplete financial analysis
will end up biting you. We look at how to do a better assessment.

• Cloud Results: These four companies are way past testing the cloud.
They're looking at what's next.

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Eliminating Vulnerabilities In Enterprise Software

Most of the hacks that compromise enterprise security today are those that exploit flaws in applications. How can organizations find and fix these vulnerabilities -- before they lead to a breach? In this special Alert, Dark Reading offers a look at some tips and tricks for software development and vulnerability assessment, as well as some advice on how to eliminate security flaws in the enterprise.

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Featured Report

Hardening Next-Gen Web Applications

Slick interactive applications have opened up new vistas of opportunity for businesses--and for attackers seeking to make off with data. In this report, we provide an in-depth analysis of the challenges around secure dynamic apps without stifling the very attributes that make them so popular with end users and customers.

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Featured Report


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The Compliance Trap

Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data.
Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that focuses on risk managementand minimizes the use of compensating controls.
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The Cloud-based Telework Solution

By combining a cloud-based management platform with user-friendly devices, discover a new approach to remote access with the simplicity, centralized visibility & control, and economies of scale.
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Inside Joomla 1.6: Improved Access Control, Categories
With strong content features, the open-source Joomla content management system has been a popular choice, despite some traditional weaknesses. With the recent 1.6 release, Joomla has gone a long way towards addressing these limitations with stronger user access control features a new categories system.   View Now


NRF Big Show 2011: Breakthrough Technologies For Retailing

CES Top 10 Videos: The Great, the Strange, The Comical and the Cool


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JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov

Dr. Dobb's Mike Riley discusses the latest improvements in JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 10 with JetBrains development lead Dmitry Jemerov   Watch


Man Versus Machine

Trading Desk Of The Future: The Rise Of the Robo-Trader




Featured BloggerWindows Phone 7 Gets Lock Down Treatment

By Ed Hansberry

Along with the much anticipated copy and paste functionality, Microsoft will also be blocking unlock tools like ChevronWP7.


Verizon iPhone, Can You Still Hear Me Now?

By Kurt Marko

By now everyone knows that Big Red is finally getting the iPhone, but as a happy DroidX user and long-time (15+ year) Verizon customer, I greet this with mixed emotions. Obviously the iPhone 4 is probably the slickest, most elegant app phone out, although not so much that I'm going to rush out, pay the full-freight unsubsidized price and ditch my six-month old Droid. Really, I'm happy Verizon and Apple have come to terms and look forward to an LTE iPhone 5 later this year (or whenever LTE comes to my hometown). No, my concern is for Verizon's network.

Backup Deduplication 2.0 - Integration

By George Crump

Deduplication has moved from a risky hard to explain technology to one that is almost expected by customers from a disk backup device. Next generation backup deduplication systems are going to require a new set of capabilities to make them more than just disk backup. They will have to integrate with the backup software, begin to provide power management, and there needs to be a greater focus on recovery performance.

Is The SMB Server Market A Bubble?

By Lamont Wood

Some say the sky is going to fall in 2011. But what's been holding it up?

Ask A Question, Save A Business!


I am always amazed by my customer's lack of willingness and acceptance to admit they have issues, problems or the fact that they are not fully realizing the benefits from a current process, tool, recent service, or system implementation.

SMBs Look Ahead To Mobile Commerce

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Pop Quiz: Which is the most popular wireless device among SMBs: a) Apple iPad b) Android c) good ol' cellphone (voice and text only)? Did you pick a), feeling confident that forward-looking entrepreneurs can't resist Apple's latest power gadget? How about the Google-based Android? No doubt, the TV ads promise a sort of futuristic high for those who harness its power.


The Security Threat Report: A look at the latest malware and attack vectors

Join Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, for a live Webcast to learn about the latest security threats and trends in malware. Armed with the latest threat data, Graham will discuss the tactics the bad guys are using to infect your systems and steal your data.

Thursday, January 27, 2011 -- 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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