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Top 10 Issues for Security Managers

WASHINGTON -- The Non-Profit Information Security Management Community (http: // today announced its ISM-Community Top Ten list, an awareness document that describes a series of key issues that effect today’s information security managers.

Taking a refreshing break from the typical fear, uncertainty, and doubt that information security managers are deluged with on a daily basis, the ISM-Community presents a simple, easily-understood, pragmatic approach towards managing information security.

"The ISM Community Top 10 will provide security management and professionals with guiding principles to build a solid program within any organization. It also serves as a great reminder to managers of existing programs to focus on the fundamentals."--Ed Bellis, CISO Orbitz Worldwide, ISM-Community Top Ten Contributor

The Top Ten list describes key concepts that should be part of any effective information security program. Organizations can quickly compare their current information security program against the Top Ten list and determine if and whether they need to improve.

“The ISM-Community Top Ten offers invaluable insight into how to get security management embedded into your organization – advice from some of the top InfoSec people in the industry.” --Tim Smith, Director Bridge Point Communication, Top Ten Main Author

The ISM-Community