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The things we do after hours...

Anyone who knows me, knows that Halloween is my absolute, all-time favorite holiday. I've loved it since my first trick-or-treat many, many (many) years ago; and while I don't ring doorbells anymore begging for goodies, I still have alot of fun getting dressed up.
This year, my friends and I deciced to do a "group" costume effort, and dressed up as the X-Men (the comic book versions, not the movie). We even joined the NYC Halloween parade in the Village. Well, one word of this, and I was practically ordered by Brad to post some pics online.
I tried to be crafty, and delay having my pics developed, but someone discovered that there was a website with oodles of pics posted from the parade, and sure enough, there was the X-Men.

So, a promise is a promise, and my pride be damned! Here's a pic of a few of the X-Men (the rest are out of shot). For those keeping score, I'm Wolverine.

If you're interested, you can see more pics from Halloween at (including a few more X-Men shots).

Hey, I may be wearing yellow and blue tights, but at least I didn't shave my head to be Professor X like my friend did!

Not sure which of us got the better deal.