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That's alot of Calimari!

Yeah, I know -- this is WAY off topic. But since we sort of glossed over April Fool's this year, I thought a little piece of "odd news" wouldn't hurt.

Apparently the mythical, rarely seen Giant Squid has competition -- from none other than the COLOSSAL Squid! That's right, colossal. Check out the pic of this bad boy (or girl, since it was a female specimen) here. Not only does it have the usual suction cup action going for it, but it has RAZOR SHARP hooks in its tentacles! What the heck?!?

Fortunately, all us snorkelers and scuba divers can relax -- it prefers the chilly Antarctic waters as its home.

Okay okay, back to work. What are you doing sitting around looking at pictures of oversized calimari for?