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Tee-Hee Bytes

In our upcoming September 4th edition of "Last Mile," we publish a snippet of the following article by Der Dorn. Submitted for your approval is his complete missive.

Bytes, bits, KiBs, and MiBs, or Why Can we not use Right Words for Right Terms?

By Der Voron

As everyone of us knows, when we need to say "1,024 bytes" we say "1
kilobyte", when we need to say "1,024 bits" we say "1 kilobit", when
we need to say "1,024 kilobytes" we say "1 megabyte", and when we
need to say "1,024 kilobits" we say "1 megabit". Because 1,024
is "approximately equal" to 1,000, we use "kilo" for 1,024, "mega"
for 1,024*1,024, "giga" for 1,024*1,024*1,024, "tera" for
1,024*1,024*1,024*1,024, "peta" for 1,024*1,024*1,024*1,024*1,024,
and so on, being well-aware that in "real life" "kilo" is for
1,000, "mega" for 1,000,000, "giga" for 1,000,000,000, and so on.

Maybe it is not as bad as it seems, but one of the problems that
arise with this system is that, for example, hard drive manufacturers
advise the capacity of their drives either using "1,024s",
or "1,000s", and you cannot know for sure which manufacturer uses
which number. The same with telecommunication devices: kilobit is for
1,000 or 1,024 bits?

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