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Techne-Comm Intros Archiving

PARIS -- Electronic document archiving specialist, Techne-Comm has launched MailS@fe, the first software indexing and archiving application to fully integrate into MS Outlook. MailS@fe enables users to index and archive emails to a central SQL server database providing quick and easy access to emails for team based users in projects, groups and departments.

Written by Techne-Comm's UK software development team using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, MailS@fe is also ideal for organisations addressing legal and regulatory compliance issues as every email sent or received is encrypted and archived to a SQL server. MailS@fe also alleviates file storage together with mailbox quota space issues often associated with Exchange and PST files. With MailS@fe you can quickly find both current and 'old' e-mails with more powerful search tools than those provided within MS Outlook.

"With over 26.1 billion emails* sent worldwide by individuals each and every day there is an increasing need for companies and individuals to have a solution which can store and locate their data in a reliable and efficient manner," explains Mike Freeman, Sales and Product Development Manager, Techne-Comm.

"MailS@fe is the result of a close collaboration with one of our key clients and we have paid careful attention to the needs of our users during its development. As the first email indexing and archiving solution to fully integrate into Outlook it will have broad market appeal. First indications in terms of market interest are good and MailS@fe, we believe, will take the market by storm," Freeman goes on.

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