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Spam spam spam spam...

We all hate spam, but have you ever stopped to consider just how little we know about it? We focus so much on the hows and whys of bayesian filters and spamtraps that we sometimes fail to ask the really big questions, like "how many spammers are there, really?" or "can spam bring down the Internet?" Fortunately, Rebecca Lieb over at ClickZ Today has an answer for these and eight other pressing spam questions in her article, "The 10 Biggest Spam Myths."

As you may have guessed from the subtle sarcasm above, this is in no way a technical, groundbreaking read. But it does a fine job of pointing the finger at congress (perhaps deflecting would be more appropriate), citing its inability to counter spam simply because it doesn't yet know what spam is or how to define it. After 50 years, the Supreme Court has got "obscenity" pretty much nailed, so perhaps there's a light at the end of the tunnel.