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Spam: Ninety Percent and Rising?

In an otherwise slow news day, this caught my eye, from an interview with Microsoft's CIO:

Q: How about the things we are hearing a lot about--spam and spyware?
A: We get a lot of spam. We get 10 million e-mails a day coming into Microsoft. We delete more than 9 million of those as spam.

Over 90 percent -- Wow!
So I did a quick Google search and found spam numbers, including:

- 36 percent in 2002

- 82 percent in 2004

- And a prediction for 90% this year based on current trends

Well, I couldn't resist, so I pinged the current admin for NWC's spam gateway -- NWC's own technology editor Mike Fratto -- and asked if these percentages sounded right.

His answer: absolutely yes. We're averaging about 85 percent spam on NWC's mail server, as you can see here:

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