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Software Assist Intros Tool

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Software Assist Corporation announced the addition of FTP Auditor, a new tool that locates and assesses FTP servers on a corporation's network.

"The first step in getting control over FTP usage is to identify where your FTP servers are and find out how they are configured and operating. Companies need help identifying and assessing their usage of FTP, because most FTP usage is unsecured and exposes a company to inadvertent breach of sensitive customer and company data.” says Software Assist President Scott Myers. “The increased use of FTP within the entire organization means an increase in data and security exposure. Knowing what FTP is being used for, when it is being accessed and what data is traveling in and out of the enterprise is a critical requirement".

"Most companies have little idea how pervasive FTP activity is in their organizations because FTP is no longer just a protocol for internal and external file integration mechanism.”, says L. Frank Kenney, a Principal Analyst for Gartner Inc. in the March 2006 report entitled "Cool Vendors in B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer, 2006”.

“Many of today’s business processes include multi-platform functions that utilize FTP to transfer files between the various platforms", says Scott Myers. "Companies need a centralized way to monitor the FTP activity within these business processes. Due to the typically high volume of FTP activity in most organizations, it is critical to be able to manage this process with exception reporting and real-time alerts, to enhance overall compliance and automation."

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