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So much for my 20-Disc CD Changer

Folks used to say Compact Discs would never replace cassettes and records. Then came the dreaded day I had to sit my mom down and explain to her that I couldn't find "Three Tenors Invade Saskatchewan" on anything but a CD.

Well at least CDs were here to stay, with their crisper sound and their...well, compacty goodness.

Sadly, it looks like the CD's 20-year reign at the top of the audio food chain is starting to crumble. Downloading tunes, as we all well know, has taken its place as the preferred medium. Analysts speculate that with sales continuing to drop, CDs could go the way of their tape and vinyl predecessors.

I can't say I'm surprised. I've been very selective in my CD purchases the last year or so. Honestly, when buying an album costs about the same as going to the movies (a whole other price gouging can of worms, but I digress), then there's a problem.

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