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Slumping RIM Explores Options | Flame FAQ: Inside Complex Malware

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  Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Flame FAQ: 11 Facts About Complex Malware
By Mathew J. Schwartz
Size of Flame dwarfs existing spyware, keyloggers, and other malware. Drill down for a closer look at the crucial technology and military issues.

Flame's Big Question: What Else Is Lurking?
Flame Espionage Malware Seeks Middle East Data

Slumping RIM Explores Strategic Options
RIM faces $1 billion inventory write-down, massive layoffs, and senior executive defections. Beleaguered smartphone maker hires bankers to analyze strategic options.

Google Chrome OS, Take Two: New Software And Chromebooks
For its first birthday, Google Chrome OS gets faster Samsung hardware, Google Drive integration, a desktop UI, and a new pricing model.

Apple's Tim Cook Talks Siri, Steve, And Competition
Apple CEO said a lot without saying too much when AllThingsD grilled him Tuesday night. Courts Facebook-Friendly Buddy Media
Best known for powering Facebook apps and marketing campaigns, Buddy Media would boost's social software power. Rumored deal: an $800 million sale.

MongoDB NoSQL Database Poised For Takeoff
10Gen, the developer behind MongoDB, lands $42 million in venture money to fund development of enterprise-oriented features and upgrades.

TSA Buys Into iPhones, iPads
Transportation Security Administration budgets $3 million for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple gear for IT security testing, mobile app development, and other uses.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke


MongoDB NoSQL Database Poised For Takeoff
TSA Buys Into iPhones, iPads
Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Streamline Enterprise Application Upgrades
System Description: The Apple-II by Stephen Wozniak
Extend the Benefits of Traditional IT Environments to Cloud
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Posted By RetireIT:
"Both SSH and Archive Data were asleep at the wheel."
In reply to: "Data Breach Costs Massachusetts Hospital $750K"
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Posted By SkiMan01:
"I don't think customers will leave Apple even if there is a better product out there. Apple is, first and foremost, a designer label."
In reply to: "Memo to Apple: Siri's Charms Fading Fast"
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  Digital Issue  
Big data places heavy demands on storage infrastructure. In our new, all-digital issue, find out how federal agencies must adapt their architectures and policies to optimize it all.

Also, we explain why tape storage continues to survive and thrive.

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Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Whether we want to support personal devices or not, they're here to stay. Here's how to turn diversity into a business advantage.
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Featured Report
Strategy: Rooting Out Sophisticated Malware
As malware gets increasingly sophisticated, so, too, must the technology and strategies we use to detect and eradicate it. In this report, we examine the tools, technologies and strategies that can ease some of the burden.
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Featured Report


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Streamline Enterprise Application Upgrades
The enterprise applications that you rely on to run your business must remain current if you want them to deliver competitive advantage consistently. Learn how proven data management and archiving capabilities can ease the application upgrade process, reducing downtime while controlling storage costs and improving the performance of your enterprise application.
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Get a Better Grip on Mobile Devices
The increasing use of smartphones and tablet computers as business tools has brought organizations and their employees new levels of productivity, flexibility and mobility. But their use is a double-edged sword, bringing with it new levels of complexity to IT management and security. Learn how organizations can ensure that devices and data remain secure in an environment where loss and theft are common.
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System Description: The Apple-II by Stephen Wozniak
In this BYTE article from May 1977 Stephen Wozniak describes the hardware and system software in the then brand new Apple II. Circuit diagrams and BASIC listing are included.

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Wearable devices equipped with sensors, Web connections, or both, help consumers and healthcare providers track health and fitness. Take a look at what's possible now.

How To Lose Your Best IT Employees
Ignore what motivates people in their jobs and they'll eventually leave. Our IT Salary Survey provides data you can use to cultivate your top performers.

Telcos Poised To Disrupt Amazon's Enterprise Cloud
Telephone companies have the assets and track record in delivering secure and reliable services to grab a piece of the enterprise cloud services market popularized by Amazon and Rackspace.

Girls Around Me App: Not Today's Creepiest Stalker
Was the Girls Around Me app tasteless and juvenile? Of course. But we should be far more concerned about being stalked by law enforcement agencies and our cell phone companies.


10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer
Taking your iPad along on vacation this year? Then you will want a special case to protect against sand, surf, and other tablet enemies.   View Now

Military Transformers: 20 Innovative Defense Technologies
7 Examples: Put Gamification To Work


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Blue Coat Manages Greedy Apps
Blue Lane shows how it can apply policy to manage WAN traffic for guests, staff and contractors bringing in a range of devices.   Watch

Riverbed accelerates Google Apps, SalesForce, Microsoft 360
Huawei Continues To Take On Cisco In The Enterprise With CloudEngine



Extend the Benefits of Traditional IT Environments to Cloud
Come learn about how control and oversight works within your company in the cloud, and how social business collaboration is supported across that boundary. It happens Thursday, June 7, 2012. More Information & Registration

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