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Site Upgrade

Hi folks. We've been quite busy on the main site over the last two weeks, upgrading our content delivery system to ATG Dynamo. As a part of that upgrade, we've created a number of new services, including story toolkit upgrades, automated story indexes, and a fleet of RSS feeds.
Here's a quick rundown of our new capabilities:

  • RSS Feeds: We've created RSS channels for all of our content organized by technology area and story type. You can find links to them individually here along with an OPML outline of them all.
  • Story Toolkit Upgrade: If you visit one of our recent stories, you'll notice a few additions to our story toolkit:
    • Single Page Format: a tool that let's you view a complete story along with all of the contextual content and site branding/navigation.
    • Praise the author: In addition to "flaming" the author, you can now direct your praise with equal abandon.
    • Download as PDF: We've expanded this tool to more of our stories and added a jump page where you can "choose" to download the file instead of loading it in the same window.
  • Story URL change: In moving to an automated content delivery mechanism, we've changed the way we create and maintain urls. In the past, articles were organized by issue in unique directories and story types like so:

    Now each story type is available as a "docid" parameter from a single url:

  • Content Indexes: Perhaps the biggest change is the automation of all existing content indexes. If you visit any of our main category pages (like Reviews, Workshops, or Talk), you'll find the most recent additions the moment we post them. The same goes for all of our magazine content organized by technology area and story type.