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Silicon Valley Hospital's RX for Business Continuity

Earthquakes are a major concern. El Camino sits just three miles from the massive San Andreas fault and even closer to the McArthur fault line. The new hospital building--slated for completion by 2008, and part of a project that includes a nearly finished $5 million-plus data center--is designed to meet California's aggressive earthquake-preparedness law, which requires all newly erected health-care facilities to be seismically tolerant.


But the key element of El Camino's business-continuity strategy is the new DR site--an SBC Communications collocation facility in Irvine, Calif.--that's connected to the hospital by way of an OC-3 pipe. So far, the site includes EMC Clariion CX700 SAN switches and EMC Centera archiving servers, a Cisco Systems MDS 9509 switch, IBM X Series 346 servers, and Unisys ES7000 405 and 510 servers. The hospital is now testing out the failover process between the two data centers. "We want this to be a fine-tuned science," James says.

But a totally mirrored DR site just isn't cost-effective for the nonprofit hospital. "I can't replicate a mirrored, $15 million data center," James says. Instead, the backup facility will mirror only El Camino's mission-critical applications: PeopleSoft, Microsoft Exchange, Vocera voice communications badges and its SQL database.

El Camino Hospital Network

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