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SenSage Wins Patent

SAN FRANCISO -- SenSage, Inc., the leading provider of
enterprise security analytics, has been awarded a patent covering the
company's breakthrough approach for optimizing the storage and analysis of
event log data. SenSage's Scalable Log Server technology, covered by U.S.
Patent #7,024,414 awarded last month, enables high-speed query and reporting
of large, diverse event log data while dramatically lowering the storage and
operational costs associated with retaining and assessing that data.

SenSage offers enterprise-class security software that automates processes
which reduce risks due to security threats, insider violations, system
outages, and compliance. According to industry research firms, the Security
Information Management (SIM) market segment has distinct retention and
analysis requisites to meet security monitoring, compliance and audit
demands. SenSage was awarded the first patent within the SIM market segment
that uniquely removes relational database management technology (RDBMS)
limitations that affect functional performance and on-going expenditures.

"Capturing, managing and using event data for operational and security
assurance is a high-value application," said Peter Christy, research analyst
and co-founder of Internet Research Group. "SenSage's Scalable Log Server
technology demonstrates clearly that the unique demands of this application
enables purpose-engineered data management technologies to far outperform
conventional database systems. This patent award validates SenSage's
technical innovation."

SenSage Inc.