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SAP Questions Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Ranking

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TOP STORY: SAP Questions Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Ranking

MORE NEWS: Twitter Forces Password Resets

ANALYTIC REPORT: Google's China Affair

WHITEPAPER: How to Bridge the IT Alignment Gap

BLOG: Cloud Storage Under Attack

WEBCAST: Vendor Webcast: Mass Notifications Systems: Uses and Considerations

RESOURCES: Image Gallery: The iPad Unveiled!

InformationWeek Daily

 Thursday, February 4, 2010 


"Ability is useless unless it's used."
-- Robert Half 


SAP Questions Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Ranking

The report on business intelligence platforms places SAP behind Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAS, and Microstrategy on ability to execute.


SAP CEO Details Prospects For 2010

Global CIO: 20 SAP Add-Ons That CIOs Will Love

SAP User Group Claims Victory In Support Battle


Twitter Forces Password Resets

Micro-blogging site infiltrated by hackers who gained access through third-party torrent accounts.

Black Hat: Microsoft Enhances SDL Offerings

The world's largest software company aims to help third-party developers write code that's more secure.

McKesson Launches Health Interoperability Platform

Practice Partner Connect enables physician practices to securely exchange medical, billing, and other health data with other doctors, patients, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Windows 7 A Battery Hog, Users Complain

Microsoft's new operating system is a real drag on portable computers' power supplies, according to support forum chatter.

HP Intros Portable Data Center

The 20-foot data center-in-a-box lets space-constrained companies add capacity without the cost of build-outs or overhauls.

Apple iPad Sparks Interest In Enterprise Apps

But work remains before large companies can embrace the iPad and iPhone without worry.

Information Builders Upgrades RStat Analytics Module

The RStat release 1.2 module for data mining and statistical analysis has been more tightly integrated with Information Builders' WebFocus BI suite.

NASA Plans Manned Missions To Mars

Obama's proposed cancellation of Constellation moon program means more money for research into deep space travel, NASA chief says.



Google's China Affair

From the moment Google revealed the targeted attacks out of China on it and 20 other companies, fingers have been pointed and verbal volleys lobbed. While there's no evidence that the Chinese government was behind these attacks, they're nonetheless a contentious political issue. Our coverage takes a look at both the technical and political ramifications.

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Featured Report

Assessing Apple's iPad

Is Steve Jobs' latest creation a game-changer or an incremental but worthy advance? We appraise the device's strengths and shortcomings, and consider its disruptive potential in the mobile and netbook segments.

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Featured Report


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How to Bridge the IT Alignment Gap

Learn the 4 keys to successfully integrating application and infrastructure organizations and the secrets to developing a long-term strategy for integrated decision making and solutions-based IT investments.
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Provide IT Support From Your iPhone

See how the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone provides top-notch IT support by accessing computers even when you're away from them.
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Featured Blogger

Cloud Storage Under Attack

Posted By George Crump

There is a case of piling on going on right now as it relates to cloud storage. While I agree that the term has been hijacked, stretched and bent by more than a few storage vendors, that does not mean that the whole concept is bad. While the name is as poorly chosen as "social media", the concept is dead on.


Here's Why I Will Purchase An iPad

Posted by Allen Stern

One week ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPad. Here are my reasons why I want an iPad and why it will be a big hit for mainstream consumers.

Palm Ripe To Be Acquired

Posted By Ed Hansberry

Palm shares surged over 7% yesterday after German Deutsche Bank raised their price target. Their analysts think Palm is at a good value to be absorbed by another company and there could be a bit of a premium for current shareholders. Would it make sense for someone else to get into the phone space this way?

Ex-Microsoft Evangelist Goes Google And Mac

Posted By Thomas Claburn

Last year, Microsoft laid off some 800 employees in November. Don Dodge, director of business development for Microsoft's emerging business team, was one of them.

Cisco Doubling India Headcount To 10,000

Posted By Bob Evans

Cisco India plans to double its workforce in the next 23 months from 5,000 to 10,000, but a company official expressed concern that the rapidly growing demand for IT talent in India could be outstripping supply. Cisco's plan comes as IBM and EMC are also undertaking massive expansion plans in India.


Vendor Webcast: Mass Notifications Systems: Uses and Considerations

(Sponsored By Avaya)

Pipelines burst, government officials resign, blackouts darken hospitals, or a supply chain comes to a screeching halt. When these events occur, organizations require the tools to instantly notify employees and organizational stakeholders about situational status and what action individuals need to take.

Join our discussion on this critical issue, by learning about next-generation tools available to enterprises requiring instant, enterprise-wide communication.

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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: The iPad Unveiled!

Check out our extensive gallery of snapshots from the unveiling of Apple's new tablet.

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