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SAP Delivers Analytic Appliance

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TOP STORY: SAP Delivers Promised Analytic Appliance

MORE NEWS: 'Hacktivist' Claims Credit For WikiLeaks Attack

ANALYTIC REPORT: Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

WHITEPAPER: 8 Threats Your Anti-virus Won't Stop

SLIDESHOW: 5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down

VIDEO: How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Agile Development

BLOG: Windows Phone 7 Update To Be "Massive" - Maybe

WEBCAST: Smarter Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics In Practice

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, December 2, 2010


"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." -- Albert Einstein



SAP Delivers Promised Analytic Appliance

HANA is the application vendor's first step in a multi-year plan to reinvent enterprise IT with in-memory computing.


Jury Decides: SAP To Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion

Global CIO: SAP's Striking Turnaround Triggered By Customer-Centric Strategy

SAP co-CEO McDermott co-Apologizes to Oracle


'Hacktivist' Claims Credit For WikiLeaks Attack

Perpetrator says DDOS strike was in retaliation for site's disclosure of sensitive U.S. government documents to media outlets.

IBM In Hybrid Chip Breakthrough

Technology could lead to exaflop computing--systems that can perform one million trillion calculations per second.

Google Editions Coming Soon

The book business is about to get a wake up call from Google.

Cisco To Acquire Network Management Software Provider LineSider

Deal will boost Cisco's business in building and deploying secure cloud computing infrastructures.

General Services Administration Picks Google For Email

The first major federal agency to move its email to the cloud agency-wide offers the latest evidence of the emerging cloud email market.

BlackBerry OS Surpassed iOS Internet Usage In U.S.

According to a new study by StatCounter, BlackBerry users made up the largest portion of mobile internet users in the U.S. during November.

Google Says Bad Publicity Now Hurts Search Ranking

A change in the company's search algorithm aims to prevent abusive merchants from profiting from online infamy..

HP Ditches Windows Home Server

Microsoft-based MediaSmart systems will give way to new line of products powered by Palm group's WebOS technology..

Verizon Targets Business Users With LTE Launch

Verizon Wireless plans to launch its Long Term Evolution network on December 5, and is initially taking aim at the enterprise.

Federal Cybersecurity Spending To Hit $13.3B By 2015

Increased threats and lack of qualified security professionals will drive a 9.1% annual growth rate over the next five years, finds Input report.

Google Earth 6 Debuts

The latest update of Google's geo-software includes better Street View integration and 3D trees.

Jumo Launch Overloads Servers

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes' social network that connects charities with donors left users waiting as an unexpected number of visitors strained servers.

FCC Net Neutrality Vote Set For Dec. 21

Battle lines are drawn as Republicans react to FCC chairman Genachowski's proposal for regulating broadband Internet providers, but stops short of reclassifying broadband as a telecom service.

Kindle Rapidly Losing Share To iPad

E-reader market penetration for Apple's tablet computer has increased 16 percentage points since August, while Amazon's device has fallen almost an equal amount, a consumer survey shows.

Air Force X-37B 'Mini' Shuttle Prepares To Land

Nine months after its launch, the unmanned space vehicle is scheduled to return to Earth this weekend after its first secret mission.

Ralink Rolls WiFi Chips For Mobile Devices

The high-performance, low-power processors will support less expensive, small form factor wireless consumer electronics, including cell phones, cameras, gaming devices and tablet PCs.



Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

Well-secured systems are well-managed systems. But as perimeters melt away, security goes beyond encryption, authentication, and monitoring. We also need to ensure privileged users aren't betraying trust. In this report, we'll cover ways to track who did what to which system, and when--vital to covering yourself in an audit, sure, but also to improving customer service and the support process for remote workers.

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Featured Report

5 Best Practices: Network Management in Education

Networks on college campuses are some of the toughest to manage anywhere. Imagine thousands of users only loosely bound by IT's policies, all supplying their own devices, of every shape, capability and operating system, and expecting universal access both to campus facilities and the Internet in general. Now that's what we call a challenge.

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Featured Report


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8 Threats Your Anti-virus Won't Stop

This paper outlines 8 common threats that traditional anti-virus alone won't stop, and explains how to protect your organization using endpoint security.
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Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products

This paper will explain the ways Google creates a security-based platform for offering its Google Apps products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security.
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5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down

Here's a deep dive on five patents applying X-ray backscatter technology to airport contraband detection. These screening machines have been much in the news recently, amid controversy regarding both their effectiveness and the amount of radiation exposure to which travelers are subjected. The patents we'll look at are from prime players in the airport body scanner field. This list is led by Rapiscan Systems Inc. , of Torrance, Calif., which in 2009 won the TSA contract to supply whole-body imaging scanners to U.S. airports. Also included is Martin Annis, a pioneer in body scanning who founded American Science and Engineering Inc. (ASAE) of Billerica, Mass. in 1958. In 1980, Annis was awarded one of the first personnel scanner patents. Finally, L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems Inc., of Woburn, Mass., has sold numerous explosives detection devices to the military and vied for the TSA contract. Selected diagrams from five patents are included to illustrate inventors' efforts at enhanced privacy, through which explicit body part imagery is replaced by a mannequin-like view, as well as to show attempts to reduce traveler exposure to x-rays through more sophisticated radiation source arrays.   View Now


Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media

Desktop Twitter Programs Revealed


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How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Agile Development
Agile development is being touted as a way insurers can reduce project risks and improve deliverables. Matt Josefowicz, Director of the Insurance Practice at Novarica, identifies the opportunities to leverage agile development in the insurance indust   Watch


IBM SmartCamp Winner

Trading Desk Of The Future: Trading Avatars




Featured BloggerWindows Phone 7 Update To Be "Massive" - Maybe

By Ed Hansberry

Even before Windows Phone 7 was released, Microsoft was already working on its first update. According to one well known developer for Windows Phone and other Microsoft technologies, the update "is going to be MASSIVE!"


Verizon's VERIS Aims To Push Security Beyond Fuzzy Numbers

By George Hulme

When it comes to sharing data in IT security the bad guys always seem to be way ahead. They employ far-flung networks used for sharing stolen data, buying and selling exploits, and information on how to launch successful attacks. However, when it comes to enterprises sharing attack and breach incident data there has not been a lot of sharing going on.

SMB Printers Now Have Apps

By Lamont Wood

Hands-on review shows that the approach has some merit, if using paper as an output device is not too retro for you, and if they can improve reliability.

Mobile Employees Should Be Aware Of Mobile Threats

By Keith Ferrell

Threats targeting mobile devices are growing as the holidays get under way. Time to make sure your employees have their mobile guards up.

Constant Contact Builds Partner, Customer Bases

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Constant Contact, a provider of marketing and survey tools for SMBs, has upped the ante by integrating its product offerings with social media and marketing services from the likes of HootSuite, Yelp, and Foursquare.


Smarter Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics In Practice

In this InformationWeek Editorial Webcast, analyst and expert David Stodder explains how it's possible to get to deeper, more forward-looking insight without breaking the bank. Drawing from case examples and current trends, David will explore various options, including conventional analytics tools, prebuilt models and apps, and ways of embedding analytic insight into dashboards, processes, and mainstream applications.

It happens Wednesday, December 8, 2010 -- 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration


Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

For the 14th consecutive year, InformationWeek Analytics is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. To date, over 180,000 IT professionals have participated.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to win a first prize of a Sony Bravia 60-inch HDTV, second prize of a 64-GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G, or third prize of a Sony home theater system. You will also be sent a link to download the 2011 U.S. IT Salary Report once it has been published.

Survey ends Jan. 14

Driving Stronger Business Productivity Through Next Generation End User Computing

Today's IT leaders are charged with empowering the enterprise to become more productive and enable business innovation. While at it, they are also faced by growing technology trends such as Consumerization, Desktop Virtualization that can potentially change the game. This interactive discussion will focus on how these trends impact you, your organization and business outcomes.

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