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RIM PlayBook OS Update | Women Lead IBM, HP

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistTechnology Titans, 2.0: Women Lead IBM, HP
By Fritz Nelson
IBM seems to have picked just the right person, at just the right time, without drama--despite the historic significance.

Rometty's Past Reveals IBM's Future
IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft With Big Data Leap
IBM Unveils Analytics For Communications, Healthcare

RIM Delays PlayBook OS Update
Research In Motion has put off the promised fall software update for its PlayBook tablet until February 2012.

CIA: Cloud Solving Our Petascale Data Problem
Central Intelligence Agency CIO Gus Hunt says cloud computing will save money, produce better intelligence gathering and analysis, and even improve information security at the agency.

10 Scariest Enterprise Social Networking Mistakes
With Halloween just around the corner, consider these 10 frightening mistakes that companies must avoid as they brave the labyrinth that is social networking.

As Cisco TelePresence Turns 5, New Flavors
Videoconferencing technology celebrates its fifth birthday with smaller, more portable, and less expensive products.

Dell's Boomi Lets Apps Talk Via Cloud Hub
Latest release of AtomSphere helps you build a connected business process, using lightweight rule engine to govern how applications update each other's data.

EHR Worst Practices
Just a partial list of EHR snafus emphasizes the need for a better system of tracking errors.

Should Mobile Medical Apps Require FDA Approval?
The new FDA guidelines may create headaches for developers, but there is an upside for doctors and patients.

UBS Finds Risk Management Stress Test Costly
UBS failed to stop a single rogue trader from racking up $2 billion in losses. Yet, some experts argue that banks overall may be better than others at managing risk.

Each nation feels superior to other nations. That breeds patriotism -- and wars. -- Dale Carnegie


Should Mobile Medical Apps Require FDA Approval?
UBS Finds Risk Management Stress Test Costly
Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Social CRM Explained
Nokia Trades Windows Phone Innovation For Speed
Unbeatable Performance For your Cloud App Foundation
Take Our Data Center Networking Vendor Evaluation Survey

Posted By Doug H:
"The price for SAP would be too dear. It already gets much of the higher-margin services business backing up SAP deployments. Adding the licensing revenue might not be worth it."
In reply to: IBM's Rometty To Replace Palmisano As CEO
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Posted By EVVJSK:
"These phones won't be released in the U.S. by the Holidays, so effectively Nokia has missed a significant Holiday sales opportunity."
In reply to: Nokia Trades Windows Phone Innovation For Speed
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EHR Best Practices: How the most astute hospitals and practices are putting those billions of dollars in federal stimulus funds to productive use.

ALSO: Paul Cerrato looks at how Harvard clinicians responded when an EHR system almost allowed a patient to die.

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Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Companies that have implemented or are evaluating managed print services look to the model for its ability to reduce costs and increase end user productivity. However, IT teams need to be aware of security and scalability when selecting a partner.
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Key Steps To Safeguarding Your VM Disk Files
We provide best practices for backing up VM disk files and building a resilient infrastructure that can tolerate hardware and software failures. After all, what's the point of constructing a virtualized infrastructure without a plan to keep systems up and running in case of a glitch--or outright disaster?
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Social CRM Explained
Review the foundational components of Social CRM and learn how to lay the groundwork required for your company to build and maintain long and valuable customer relationships.
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Strategy: IPv6 Security
IPv6 advocates have long touted the elimination of NAT and the return to a true peer-to-peer Internet. But IT pros who've come to see NAT as an essential network security element are worried, and they have some questions: What are the security implications of a wide-open, any-to-any connection model? Do some features and characteristics of IPv6 make it more secure? Download this report to find answers to these questions and more.
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Nokia Trades Windows Phone Innovation For Speed
When Nokia World kicks off in London on Wednesday, look for the company's first Microsoft Windows Phone devices. But don't look for unique.

Windows XP At 10: No Life Support
Businesses that have not begun the Windows 7 transition may find themselves scrambling, Microsoft says.

Facebook: Latest 'Hack' Was Old, Invalid User IDs
Hacking group "Team Swastika" released apparent Facebook usernames and passwords, but the social network says the data isn't tied to live accounts.

10 Key Steve Jobs Moments and Innovations
Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple became a technology leader and cultural force. Take a look back at some favorite Jobs moments and ideas.

Windows 8 Visual Tour: Microsoft's New Desktop
Microsoft this week gave developers the first in-depth look at Windows 8--the operating system that could finally make it a player in the tablet market. Take a look at key elements.



6 E-Prescribing Vendors To Watch If your healthcare organization hasn't embraced electronic prescribing, it's time to get going. Consider this cross-section of today's array of e-prescribing tools .   View Now

What's New in iOS 5
12 Top Big Data Analytics Players


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