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RIM Outages Hit Day 3 | Google + Down or Out?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistGoogle+ Down, Or Out? Reader Debate Heats Up
By Debra Donston-Miller
Whether Google+ is dead (or even down for the count) sparks passionate opinions from readers.

Is Google+ Down For The Count?
Social Media Can Hurt You In A Lawsuit

RIM BlackBerry Outages Day 3: U.S. Hit
Research In Motion said that key pieces of hardware have failed, causing its BlackBerry services to be knocked offline for a third day.

IBM Calls Out Oracle On Server And Systems Claims
Do benchmarks get even less meaningful in an era of engineered systems optimized for specific tasks?

RSA Pins SecurID Attacks On Nation State
Security firm said it traced the attack on its authentication system to two groups working for one nation state, but declined to name the country.

Web 2.0 Expo: LinkedIn's Big Data Lessons Learned
Former LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil shares advice on turning large-scale data into useful products.

High Demand Slowing iPhone 4S Pre-Order Fulfillment
Orders for the new iPhone 4S are going full-steam ahead and are, in fact, so great that fulfillment of some pre-orders will be delayed.

15 Tech Venture Capitalists Worth Knowing
Venture capitalists, whether part of a firm or independent angel investors, play an important role in financing tech innovation. These movers and shakers dominate venture funding.

Cisco, Citrix Do Video Via Virtual Desktop
Technology sends HD video point-to-point through a virtual desktop infrastructure, bypassing the data center and cutting CPU and network consumption.

State Of Server Technology: Denser, Hotter, Standardized
Our survey of 676 business technology professionals shows x86 on the ascent.

A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Cisco, Citrix Do Video Via Virtual Desktop
State Of Server Technology: Denser, Hotter, Standardized
Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Virtualization and the Data Center: How to Build an Intelligent, Consolidated, Virtualized Data Center
Oak Ridge Labs Builds Fastest Supercomputer
Broken State of Backup
Take Our Survey On Social Networking In The Enterprise

Web 2.0 Expo Live Streaming
We're at Web 2.0 Expo in New York this week, bringing you all the keynote speeches. You can view them on our live stream here.

Posted By SMarcocelli:
"The U.S. Marshals Service is and always will be the biggest loser in federal law enforcement and within the DOJ."
In reply to: U.S. Marshals Service Invests In IT, Then Faces Cuts
View Entire Response | Post Your Own Reply

  Digital Issue  
Virtualization support, memory, and bandwidth are in, our annual survey finds. Unified fabrics and efficiency? Not so much.

Also: • Steve Jobs Remembered
• iPhone 4S' Siri
• Adobe Takes HTML5 To The Cloud

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Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Companies that have implemented or are evaluating managed print services look to the model for its ability to reduce costs and increase end user productivity. However, IT teams need to be aware of security and scalability when selecting a partner.
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Featured Report

Key Steps To Safeguarding Your VM Disk Files
We provide best practices for backing up VM disk files and building a resilient infrastructure that can tolerate hardware and software failures. After all, what's the point of constructing a virtualized infrastructure without a plan to keep systems up and running in case of a glitch--or outright disaster?
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Featured Report


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Virtualization and the Data Center: How to Build an Intelligent, Consolidated, Virtualized Data Center
CIOs today must support more revenue generating projects without expanding, rebuilding or moving their data centers. Virtualization is one option to consolidate resources and make this happen. However, virtualizing the data center with existing servers is not the best solution. Learn how to create a manageable, scalable environment suited to answer real-time business needs by building out a data center on a standards-based, virtualization-aware, energy-efficient and affordable platform.
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Continuous Compliance for Smartphones and Tablets
The foundation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) begins with the ability to set basic policies, view data about your devices, and take manual action if a device does not meet certain parameters. Learn how to define and implement continuous compliance rules for Apple iOS and Android devices to deal with specific events, contextual changes, and mobile security threats.
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Oak Ridge Labs Builds Fastest Supercomputer
'Titan' will be the fastest and most energy efficient computer in the world, according to Oak Ridge National Labs.

Facebook Finally Releases iPad App
Native iOS application arrives for the device that generates more than 97% of tablet Internet traffic. But Apple wins an ecommerce victory.

Apple Preps iOS 5 Final Release
Signs indicate that the Gold Master is nearly complete and the new operating system will soon be available to consumers.

Steve Jobs: 11 Acts Of Vision
For Steve Jobs, the term 'visionary' doesn't go far enough. Consider these acts of vision--and the will that it took to make them real.

RIM Users Suffer Second Day Of Outages
Research In Motion said Tuesday that its BlackBerry service is experiencing more difficulties in Asian, African, and European markets.



15 Tech Venture Capitalists Worth Knowing Venture capitalists, whether part of a firm or independent angel investors, play an important role in financing tech innovation. These movers and shakers dominate venture funding.   View Now

Steve Jobs: 11 Acts Of Vision
iPhone Through The Years: Visual Tour


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VMware at InformationWeek 500
Cornelius Willis, VP of Global Enterprise Marketing at VMware, finds the right audience with the right sets of concerns at InformationWeek 500 which dovetails into their marketing programs.   Watch

Verizon Developer Community Conference
Steve Jobs: The Tech Industry Pays Tribute



Broken State of Backup
Data protection industry analysts agree that "backup is broken." In this webcast we'll identify key areas where current backup models are failing and how to resolve those issues. It happens Thursday, October 20, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek is conducting a survey on the use of social networking applications in the enterprise. Respond to the survey and be eligible to win an iPod Touch.
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Take Our Data Center Convergence Survey: You Could Win An iPod Touch!
We are conducting a 10-minute survey to explore the adoption of data center technologies that support convergence and whether convergence is helping-or hindering-IT in supporting the business. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32GB iPod touch valued at $299 from UBM TechWeb.
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GovCloud 2011
GovCloud 2011 is a day-long event where IT professionals in federal, state, and local government will develop a deeper understanding of the options available. Join us for this insightful gathering of government IT executives to hear first-hand about the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing.
It happens in Washington, D.C, on Oct. 25

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