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RIM BlackBerry 10 Spotted | Symantec PCAnywhere: Delete Time?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist Symantec Patches PCAnywhere, But Should You Delete?
By Mathew J. Schwartz
Symantec says hotfix 'eliminates known vulnerabilities,' but hackers could use source code to exploit unknown holes. Some users will want to...

Symantec Software Causes Outage At Military EHR System
Symantec: Users Should Disable PCAnywhere Now

RIM BlackBerry 10 Image Leaks
RIM 'London' BlackBerry 10 picture shows no keyboard; BlackBerry 7 platform wins security certification for U.S. and Canadian government employees.

Mint's Android Tablet App Wrangles Your Finances
Intuit's popular, free personal finance tool comes to Google Android tablets.

Obama's Google+ Debut: Lessons Learned
Online get-together with a handful of citizens was a step forward for open government, but participation was limited and key questions were skipped.

Amazon Grows Revenue, Keeps Cloud Numbers Hidden
As Amazon reported a 35% jump in revenue, it dodged key questions about Kindle Fire and AWS cloud services--namely, whether AWS is helping Amazon's bottom line or still working toward a breakeven point.

Google Defends Privacy Policy Consolidation
Google sends letter to congressional representatives to clarify pending privacy policy revisions.

Healthcare IT Needs More Crazy CIOs
The IT leaders who make a difference sometimes break the rules, but their vision and courage take us places we never thought possible.

iPhone 5 Could Be Game-Changer For Mobile Payments
Some developers are betting the next Apple iPhone will have NFC capability and pave the way for mobile payment technology to finally take off.

Worst Tech Vendor Pitches For SMBs, Debunked
While tech vendors salivate over the small and midsize business (SMB) market, we translate the truth behind some of the sales spiels.

The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.


iPhone 5 Could Be Game-Changer For Mobile Payments
Worst Tech Vendor Pitches For SMBs, Debunked
Enterprise Buyer's Guide: Tablets
Aberdeen Benchmark Report: Securing Your Applications
10 Tablet Tricks To Try
Big Data Management Best Practices That Boost Online Performance
Virtual Event: Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services

Posted By Georgeken:
"If they want to provide a service and reap some ancillary benefit from it, fine, but their ability to do this does not give then any valid claim to the use of a post."
In reply to: "EU Data Rules Worse Than SOPA?"
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Posted By JJ1819:
"Web authentication rests on the integrity of the certificate authorities. Netscape created SSL in the 1990s as a way to encrypt sensitive information transmitted as part of online transactions."
In reply to: "Time To Scrap SSL?"
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This Month: Healthcare providers must collect all sorts of performance data to meet emerging standards. We delve into the huge task ahead.

ALSO: Personal Health Records Flop; Mobile Apps Cut Costs; Personalized Medicine's Trade-Offs:

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Enterprise Buyer's Guide: Tablets
We profile five contenders for your business. Clearly, 2012 will see Android OEMs up their games and the Wintel combo reunite to finally take a serious stab at the tablet market. How will you manage the onslaught?
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Featured Report
Research: 2012 Enterprise Project Management
If businesses rise or fall on their IT prowess, then the way our 508 respondents manage tech projects is a key determinant in business health. So why do just 60% have PMOs?
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Featured Report


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Aberdeen Benchmark Report: Securing Your Applications
Is application security actually "free?" Aberdeen's research confirms that the annual cost of application security initiatives is outweighed by the benefits. Review how all respondents, from Best-in-Class to Laggards, experienced a positive return on their annual application security investments.
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Spam in 2011: Protection Against Evolving Threats
The very best anti-spam solutions deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. To defeat spam, enterprises need a holistic approach. Learn about evolving spam threats and the technology required to close the 5% gap in defenses.
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10 Tablet Tricks To Try
Do you know your tablet can also act as a teleprompter, whiteboard, heart rate monitor, or even an emergency Windows 7 machine?

10 Epic iPad Apps
Apple's iPad completely changed the way people think about tablets and mobile computing. These 10 must-have iPad apps will help you understand why.

Apple Now Top PC Maker, Report Says
iPad sales pushed Apple well ahead of Wintel giants like Hewlett-Packard and Dell in Q4, according to research.

iPhone 5 Could Be Game-Changer For Mobile Payments
Some developers are betting the next Apple iPhone will have NFC capability and pave the way for mobile payment technology to finally take off.

There's No App For That, And That's Good
Developing custom apps for tablets and smartphones has become the cool thing to do. Just make sure you aren't opening a can of budget-busting worms long term.


10 Big Tech Ideas For Retailers
Mobile and social lead the list of hot tech trends for retailers, but they had company at the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2012. Here's a basket full of ideas to check out.   View Now

12 Hadoop Vendors To Watch In 2012
7 Tools To Tighten Healthcare Data Security


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Valley View: SAP, National Field, Lytro, HP and more
Valley View features SAP President Sanjay Poonan on the company's steller financial results, National Field demo'ing its social enterprise software, and a gadget roundup -- Lytro's amazing camera, HP Ultrabook, Basis health watch and much more.   Watch

Be Agile, Be Mobile Trailer
Dean Carol Stephenson



Big Data Management Best Practices That Boost Online Performance
Join Gary Angel, president and CTO of Semphonic, as he details how you can identify the real factors driving online performance and determine the best way to improve results -- with robust, fast data analysis. It happens January 31, 2012. More Information & Registration


Virtual Event: Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services
Join us on Feb. 15 for the our virtual event 'Clouds, Outsourcing, And Security Services': Making Providers Part of Your IT Security Strategy. When you attend, you will be able to access live and on-demand webcast presentations as well as virtual booths packed with free resources, and you can also be eligible to win great prizes!
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