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Review: Oracle Upgrades Middleware Suite

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TOP STORY: Review: Oracle Upgrades Middleware Suite

MORE NEWS: Microsoft Security Fix Breaks Record Set In June

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WHITEPAPER: Forrester Report: Should Your Email Live in the Cloud?

BLOG: Is Workday's 15-Hour SaaS Outage Acceptable?

WEBCAST: Are Your Laptops Secure? Be Confident!

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 Monday, Oct 12, 2009 


"It is with words as with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn."
-- Robert Southey 


Review: Oracle Upgrades Middleware Suite

The recently released WebLogic Suite 11g is billed as a unified application server offering and aims to improve app performance while streamlining management.


Platform As A Service: What Vendors Offer

Global CIO: Will Oracle Or SAP Blink First On 22% Maintenance Fees?


Microsoft Security Fix Breaks Record Set In June

Next week's "Patch Tuesday" will keep IT administrators busy. Fixes include two zero-day vulnerabilities, at least one of which is actively being exploited.

Google Patches Google Pack Vulnerability

Google Pack, the company's collection of free Google and third-party applications, had a vulnerable component that Google has just fixed.

Global CIO: Lean Means More Than Just Taking Out The Trash

If your Lean strategy is focused solely on cutting waste, you'll miss the value that comes from focusing on the business of the business instead of the technology behind the business, Forrester says.

EMC Offers Help In Oracle Virtualizaton

The storage vendor is offering what it considers optimized use of tiered storage in virtual Oracle environments.

Ford Outsources Benefits To ACS

Xerox acquisition target will provide automaker with a range of BPO services.

Qualcomm CEO Addresses 'Spectrum Crisis'

At the CTIA wireless industry conference, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs made a pitch for femtocell networks to help ease data bottlenecks.

NASA Moon Bomb Stirs Up Cloud

Microsoft and Google will offer looks at LCROSS lunar impact on their Web platforms.

Apple iPhone Update Fixes Bugs

Version 3.1.2 of the operating system aims to fix battery, network, and performance issues.

IBM Updates BPM Suite v7

Addition of the ILOG JRules business rules engine enhances the enterprise business process management tool.

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Virtual Event: Data Centers On A Tight Budget

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The Government CIO 50

InformationWeek's first-ever analysis of top CIOs in federal, state, and local government, and how they're embracing new expectations.

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10 Steps To Effective Data Classification

In this edition of the InformationWeek Informed CIO series, we reveal how to keep your classification initiative on track.

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Forrester Report: Should Your Email Live in the Cloud?

This Forrester Report examines the three basic architectures of cloud-based email and how they deliver availability, reduce data loss and provide compliant archives.
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Tips and Tools for Automating Excel Spreadsheets

Discover key tips and tools for deploying a fast and cost-effective method for automating Excel spreadsheet manipulation.
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Featured Blogger

Is Workday's 15-Hour SaaS Outage Acceptable?

Posted By Mary Hayes Weier

On Sept. 24, Workday's SaaS service for human resources, financial applications and payroll was down for 15 hours. That's right, not 15 minutes, not 1.5 hours, but 15 hours. Google Gmail is down for 90 minutes, as it's as if the world has come to an end. So it begs the question: Is 15 hours' downtime for core applications such as accounting and HR acceptable?


Bean, A Free Mac Word Processor That Does Less

Posted by Mitch Wagner

Writing tools are intensely personal choices -- for some people. Most people make do with the corporate standard, Microsoft Word, and many are even happy with it. But some of us have to be different, we're unhappy with Word and seek productivity elsewhere.

October's Scary Patch Tuesday

Posted By George Hulme

Next Tuesday Microsoft plans to release 13 separate security bulletins that will cover more than 30 individual patches. More than half of the bulletins are ranked as "critical."

Open Three Ways, Or More

Posted By Serdar Yegulalp

Ealier in the week the CAOS Theory blog of the 451 Group noted there were three, or actually four, ways you could handle "open core" licensing -- where the basic version of your product is free, but the add-ons and support and such are not. Everyone will (and should) do these things differently, and the details are full of devils.

Vivisimo Search Engine Aims For Scalability

Posted By Andrew Conry-Murray

The company says Velocity 7.5 can search up to one billion e-mails on a single server.


Are Your Laptops Secure? Be Confident!

In this 45-minute Webcast, we'll discuss why IT managers at midsize businesses are looking to automate PC management and begin using hosted services. It happens Thursday, Oct. 15.
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See All The Latest IT Innovations At Interop New York

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Making The Business Case For Windows 7

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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Which Browser...And Why?

In the space of the last year, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera have been updated and Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Bing have joined the Web browser market. Is it time for you to make a change?

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