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Red Hat Open-Sources Virtualization Protocol

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TOP STORY: Red Hat Open-Sources Virtualization Protocol

MORE NEWS: IBM Launches Cloud Computing Lab

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 Friday, December 11, 2009 


"So let us reach for the world that ought to be--that spark of the divine that still stirs within each of our souls."
-- President Obama, from his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech 


Red Hat Open-Sources Virtualization Protocol

The SPICE protocol is designed to improve desktop virtualization for bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video or voice over IP.


VMware Releases View 4

Citrix Offers Desktop Virtualization Flexibility

Roadblocks To Virtualization


IBM Launches Cloud Computing Lab

Hong Kong center will focus on support for Big Blue's LotusLive online service.

Prepaid Mobile Boosted By Smartphones

Consumers seeking low-cost cell phone plans are no longer restricted to low-tech phones, says a survey.

Opera Offers Unified Mobile UI Tool

The cross-platform framework will enable businesses to deploy Opera browsers with a consistent user interface across multiple handsets.

Microsoft To Acquire Healthcare Specialist

Sentillion buy gives software maker a range of identity and access management tools for hospital IT systems.

LCD Maker Pleads Guilty In Price Fixing Scheme

Chi Mei Optoelectronics will pay $220 million in fines for conspiring with other TFT-LCD companies to set prices for the displays.

Google Search Appliance Now Finds Tweets

Social media is infiltrating the business world, like it or not.

Skyfire Updates Mobile Browser

The browser for Windows Mobile features a refined user interface, better touchscreen support, and the latest versions of Flash and Silverlight.

Chopra, Kundra Urge Efficiency Role For Government IT

The Federal CIO and CTO tell Congress that transparency, efficiency efforts are beginning to pay dividends, but federal IT still needs to be more involved in business decisions.

IBM Tivoli Foundations deliver versatile service
management solutions optimized for mid-tier environments.
Prepared by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) for IBM,
this white paper explores how IBM steps into the mid-market
ring with two richly functional solutions optimized for the
mid-market buyer and examines the likely impact to customers
and to the industry of IBM's new solutions in context with
mid-market requirements and technology trends.



Securing The Cyber Supply Chain

Security experts advise government agencies and other organizations to take an end-to-end approach to securing their IT systems, one that includes suppliers and service providers. Read our report to learn how to get started in this emerging area.

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Featured Report

10 Steps to Effective Data Classification

Learn how to sort your company's assets based on sensitivity.

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Featured Report


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6 Critical Steps to Ensuring a Successful Cloud Computing Initiative

Discover the benefits of some of the top cloud computing applications by Microsoft and Oracle, and get the 6 critical steps to having a successful cloud computing initiative.
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7 Undeniable Truths of IT Governance

Taking control of IT is one of the best ways to take control of your business. Learn the seven undeniable truths of IT governance, and how companies can take the ambiguity out of managing IT so they can guide their businesses forward.
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Featured BloggerWhy Microsoft Azure Should Matter To Businesses

Posted by Mary Hayes Weier

I'll make a prediction that 2010 will be the most exciting year yet for cloud computing, and that's partly related to Microsoft's ramp-up of Azure.


Carrier Billing Finally Hits T-Mo's Android Market

Posted by Eric Zeman

T-Mobile is rolling out an update to its Android customers that enables one important new feature: carrier billing. With this feature now working, customers will be able to have Android Market purchases added to their monthly bill rather than their credit card.

AMD, Intel: Graphics To Trump Processors In 2010

Posted By Alexander Wolfe

For the last few days, I've been mulling over the top semiconductor stories of the year. Clearly, the settlement by Intel and AMD of their ongoing antitrust and patent/licensing disputes is the biggest business news. Picking the tech champ is tougher, because it's not about where we've been in 2009, but rather where we're headed in 2010.

Obama Allocating $600M To Health Centers

Posted By Mitch Wagner

President Barack Obama allocated almost $600 million to build community health centers and implement electronic medical records, part of the $787 billion stimulus bill. The White House framed the funding as means of adding jobs to the economy, and overhaul the nation's health system.

Skype Beta Now Available To Symbian S60

Posted By Eric Zeman

For the first time, Skype is offering a version of its software to Symbian S60 3rd Edition devices. It covers the basics, such as Skype-to-Skype calling and instant messaging. The initial set of devices it works with is limited, but Skype promises that will grow quickly.

IBM, Oracle, Open Source: Mixed Motives Abound

Posted By Serdar Yegulalp

The Oracle/European Union drama never stops. Now IBM's stuck their collective necks into the fray and said that Oracle's acquisition of Sun should go through if they make some positive open source gestures to all parties. Meaning what exactly, though?


Reducing Operating Costs Through Branch Consolidation

In this live Webcast, you'll hear how IT organizations are gaining the ability to completely virtualize their branch office operations, achieving a "serverless" state that eliminates redundant hardware and software, while slashing maintenance costs and IT complexity.

It happens December 15, 2009 @ 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET

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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Ubuntu's DIY Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Using the Ubuntu open source platform, it's now possible to set up your elastic computing environment, connect it to Amazon EC2 and migrate it outwards if need be. Here's how.

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