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Reality Blogosphere

5:55 PM -- There's not much reality TV can chronicle anymore. We've watched wanna-be musicians croon and crash for Simon and Paula, B-level stars awkwardly mambo and fox trot, heterosexual slobs get makeovers, and the Dog Whisperer tame alpha-challenged canines.

Drop the remote and grab your mouse: The reality channel is about to change. Call it the Reality Blog -- security startup SourceClear today launched a blog that will journal its experiences in startup mode. Founded by Mark Curphey, of, SourceClear plans to build a software platform and business management applications for security. And you get a front-row seat.

SourceClear will address what Curphey sees as a disconnect among "people, process, and technology," he writes in the first installment of SourceClear Diary of a Startup (Week 0). "It's the platform and applications CISOs have been asking me for years. It's the platform and applications people you can ask us for today. Email me; tell me what you want and we'll build it. Tell us what's wrong with other products today and we won't make the same mistakes. Tell us how you want to license and buy security technology and we'll respond," he writes.

Curphey, former head of Foundstone from 2003-06 who also previously worked for Internet Security Systems (ISS), will be blogging weekly on SourceClear's startup experiences, with a bit of voyeurism to keep us all hooked: "Of course the full details, plans etc. will all come out as the story unfolds." He writes:

    My hope of course is that people will want to follow what we are doing with interest, pull for us, cheer for us, help us, advise us, and of course see directly into the heart of the company. Through feedback we WILL adapt; that is a promise. Of course the bottom line is we are doing this so people can see who we are, what we are doing, how we are doing it, and will want to buy our products. I hope you write about us, link to us, and support us.

Obviously American Idol (unfortunately) has nothing to worry about here, but the concept of reality blogging, exposing warts, and all, is kind of refreshing, even if it is a bit self-serving.

"One thing I do know for sure is it will be fascinating reading for any entrepreneurs, software developers, security folks, and anyone who has dreamed of creating a technology startup for themselves," Curphey blogs.

Next week on SourceClear Diary of a Startup: The company will be deciding whether to build its prototype on Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET. "We also need to decide where and when we will hunt for seed funding and I will also share the tips so far on bootstrapping including having no office overheads, buying cheap IT equipment, and finding great graphic design at very low cost."

And you don't even need to TiVo it.

— Kelly Jackson Higgins, Senior Editor, Dark Reading