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Port Authority Protects

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- PortAuthority Technologies, Inc.,™ the leader in Information Leak Prevention (ILP), today announced expanded confidential data protection for global enterprises now available from the PortAuthority ILP appliances. PortAuthority’s new functionality includes automated discovery capabilities to help organizations locate and protect sensitive or confidential information across the network, as well as policy management support for multi-national and distributed organizations. Loss of private information by internal users, whether malicious or unintended, continues to plague organizations worldwide.

Recently, serious data breaches have occurred due to the loss of a laptop containing private customer data or confidential information. Whether unintentional, intentional or malicious in nature, the ramifications can be significant. PortAuthority helps organizations comply with state regulations and Federal requirements, such as FIPS 199 or NIST 800-53A, and corporate security policies, to discover and accurately identify private customer data or confidential information on laptops, desktops and shared drives. As a result, organizations gain visibility into unsecured sensitive data and all variants residing on endpoints throughout the enterprise to identify any policy violations.

With automated discovery features and other recent enhancements, coupled with the leading functionality already delivered in the fourth-generation version of the solution, including proven near-perfect accuracy and optional blocking on all systems, PortAuthority Technologies delivers the most full-featured solution for protecting confidential information from unauthorized distribution.

“Losing confidential information and IP is a growing concern in the industry, and our expanding customer base is looking for a solution to keep them out of the headlines as the next company with an issue,” said Mike Conley, VP of Sales at Forsythe. “PortAuthority meets this need, and is one of the primary products in our leading suite of security offerings. We see PortAuthority’s unique blend of accurate monitoring and enforcement capabilities helping our customers eliminate chances for information leaks. PortAuthority is the only product in the industry we’ve seen that couples the precise monitoring of data in motion with discovery of data at rest, and lets organizations enforce their data security policies. As we are a leading VAR, PortAuthority’s cost-effective appliance form factor is compelling for Forsythe, as well.”

PortAuthority Technologies Inc.