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Photo Gallery: Google's Scenic Oregon Data Center

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TOP STORY: Photo Gallery: Google's Scenic Oregon Data Center

MORE NEWS: Second Life Solving Real-World Healthcare Problems

ANALYTIC REPORT: Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

WHITEPAPER: Data Deduplication Background

BLOG: Here Comes Automated Storage Tiering

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 Monday, October 19, 2009 



"I see no virtues where I smell no sweat."
-- Francis Quarles 


Photo Gallery: Google's Scenic Oregon Data Center

One of Google's newest data centers is nestled among the mountains, canyons, and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge.


Microsoft Tests Container Approach In Chicago Data Center

First Look At Amazon's Oregon Data Center

Washington Chooses Data Center Over The Cloud


Second Life Solving Real-World Healthcare Problems

Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital uses the virtual world for disaster preparedness training, while disabled people turn to it for peer support.

IBM Income Up, Focusing On High Margin Business

The improved earnings follow a multi-year focus shift to software and global services.

Google Tips For Burying Ugly Search Results

To manage your search engine reputation, Google suggests saying less is more, except when saying more is more.

Tech Investors, Execs Charged With Insider Trading

Prosecutors allege trades were made based on insider information about Akamai Technologies, AMD, Google, IBM, Polycom, and Sun Microsystems.

Global CIO: Godiva CIO Leading Strategic Customer-Engagement Program

Aligning IT with the customer, CIO Mike Giresi has responsibility for the Godiva Chocolate Rewards Club: "Now we'll have much greater transparency into what the consumer desires and needs."

Apple Expands In App Purchasing To Fight Piracy

Developers can now implement In App Purchasing in free iPhone apps.

Tandberg Beats 3Q Forecast On U.S. Gains

The videoconferencing firm plans to accept Cisco's $3 billion acquisition offer despite disfavor among large shareholders.

Nokia Reorganizes After Loss

The appointments of a new mobile phones chief and CFO follow a surprise third quarter loss of $836 million.

Global CIO: IBM CFO Refuses To Comment On Corporate IT Spending

CFO Mark Loughridge noted big improvements in IBM's Q3 business, but declined to comment on the outlook for corporate IT spending--probably because he thinks it's still lousy.

Sony-Ericsson Lands Smartphone Financing

A $676 million financing deal, announced after a string of quarterly losses, will help promote its Satio and Aino phones.

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Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

CIOs are more receptive than ever to new software models - and not because they're trendy.

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Featured Report

10 Steps To Effective Data Classification

In this edition of the InformationWeek Informed CIO series, we reveal how to keep your classification initiative on track.

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Data Deduplication Background

This white paper provides a technical overview of data deduplication, covering areas such as fixed versus variable length blocks, the effect of change in deduplicated storage pools, sharing a common deduplication block pool, data deduplication architectures and policies, and applying data deduplication to replication.
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Transaction Performance Monitoring

Transaction Performance Monitoring takes application performance to a new level by focusing on business transactions. Find out how.
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Featured Blogger

Here Comes Automated Storage Tiering

Posted By George Crump

At Storage Networking World, at least one new category in storage is coming to the forefront; Automated Storage Tiering. These are typically devices that can sit in front of your existing storage platform and allow some of it to leverage a high speed solid state front end without you manually having to move data to a Solid State Disk (SSD).


The Corporate URL Shortener

Posted by J. Nicholas Hoover

My first thought when I saw that the federal government had created its own URL shortener was: what a waste of time and effort. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why other large organizations with popular Websites haven't done this for public-facing links.

The Trouble With Monetizing Infinity

Posted By Jonathan Salem Baskin

Yesterday, Facebook said 90% of the ad demand market not served by Google was ripe for its profits, and Sony debuted a PlayStation 3 with twice the storage previously available. There's a common theme to both news stories:

Nokia's Comes With Music Barely Breaks 100K Users

Posted By Eric Zeman

Nokia put a lot of marketing muscle and dollars behind its Comes With Music campaign. Despite the promise of free music for a year, the service only managed to interest 107,000 users it its first 365 days.

Android 2.0 Features Leak Out

Posted By Eric Zeman

A run through of screen shots on a Motorola Android device show off what Android 2.0 has in store. The biggest features are integrated Facebook support, Exchange support, and a new user interface.


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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Which Browser...And Why?

In the space of the last year, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera have been updated and Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Bing have joined the Web browser market. Is it time for you to make a change?

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