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PC Shipments Up, Revenue Down In 2009

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TOP STORY: PC Shipments Up, Revenue Down In 2009

MORE NEWS: Feds To Sharpen Cybersecurity Job Policies

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BLOG: The Future Of Storage As A Virtual Machine

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InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, November 25, 2009 


"I am glad my ancestors arrived on the Mayflower, but I am gladder that there are nine generations between us."
-- Sen. Mark Pryor 


PC Shipments Up, Revenue Down In 2009

Gartner had predicted a 2% decline in PC shipments, but instead reports a 2.8% increase from 2008.


Smartphone Boom Challenging PC Makers

Is The Desktop PC Doomed?


Feds To Sharpen Cybersecurity Job Policies

The Office of Personnel Management seeks to develop a framework for the classification, hiring, performance management, and development of federal cybersecurity pros.

Senators Urge EU To Finish Oracle-Sun Probe

With Sun jobs at stake, U.S. lawmakers want the European Commission to speed up its antitrust investigation.

Microsoft Issues Internet Explorer Security Advisory

Users of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 may be vulnerable to a malware attack.

Amazon Boosts Kindle Features

The market-leading e-book reader is getting PDF support and longer battery life.

Google, TiVo Partner For TV Data

TV advertisers can look forward to a deeper understanding of how TiVo viewers receive their ads.

Chip Market Decline Less Than Expected

Semiconductor revenue plunged more than $32 billion this year, but iSuppli said it could have been much worse.

Qualcomm Antitrust Case Dropped

The European Commission has withdrawn its regulatory proceeding against the mobile equipment maker.

Microsoft Lands UK Cloud Deal

CSC will support 30,000 U.K. postal service employees using cloud versions of Exchange and SharePoint.

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Unlocking Virtualization: Facing IT, Business Realities

We polled 348 business technology professionals on such areas as security and privacy, to explore IT's ability to assure performance, stability and availability of virtualized servers, and provide SLA metrics back to business.

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Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

This report looks at a variety of new approaches and technologies that let IT rebels take on a whole new role, enhancing their companies' competitiveness and engaging their entire organizations more intimately with customers.

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Data Center Survival Guide

Today's data center can be a highly complex and hard to manage beast. Learn how you can manage increasing data center complexity while controlling costs, and tame the beast!
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Tips and Tools for Automating Excel Spreadsheets

Reduce costly mistakes! Get key tips and tools for deploying a fast and cost-effective method for automating Excel spreadsheet manipulation.
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Featured BloggerThe Future Of Storage As A Virtual Machine

Posted By George Crump

In our last few entries we looked at what can be done today with storage software running as virtual machines. In this entry we will consider what the future holds for storage as a virtual machine. Storage as a virtual machine may be the only way you apply data services in the future.


HP Picks Worst Name Ever For New Smartphone

Posted by Eric Zeman

Hewlett Packard has occasionally tossed a new iPAQ-branded smartphone into the market more as proof that it can still make them than to scare up any real sales. Its latest smartphone is perhaps one of the best-looking it has ever crafted, but HP crippled it with a terrible, horrible, no-good name.

Up With Virtual Grid Power

Posted By Elias Khnaser

I recently wrote a column for InformationWeek Analytics that got some e-mail responses, and I thought the discussion was interesting enough to post the column and some of the comments that sparked the discussion. So here goes.

Google's New Chrome OS Partner: Ubuntu

Posted By Serdar Yegulalp

Among the people Google's partnering with to build Chrome OS, there's now a very familiar name: Canonical, the folks behind Ubuntu. In their words: "Canonical is contributing engineering to Google under contract" (for Chrome OS).

Apple Says Users To Blame For iPhone Virus

Posted By Eric Zeman

Did your iPhone catch the new "Duh" iPhone virus? If so, Apple says it's your own fault for jailbreaking the iPhone. iPhones that have not been jailbroken are not susceptible to the virus, and jailbreakers can take steps to protect themselves.


Smarter Business

The business world is entering a new wave of transformation, as sophisticated information technologies make industries, processes, and professionals smarter than ever before. Join us as we draw from interviews with leading practitioners in presenting a range of compelling use cases.
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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Top iPhone Apps For Healthcare Pros And Their Patients

Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch can help healthcare pros provide better treatment, and help individuals lose weight, exercise, manage diabetes, and more. Here are our picks.

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