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Pass the Sunscreen, Linus

We asked our readers to submit their top signs Linus Torvalds needs a summer vacation for our upcoming September 4th edition of Las Mile. As usual, we were not dissapointed. Here's the full list of submissions.

And with that, we bid bye-bye to Summer. See Sep-temmmber!

Top 11 signs Linus Torvalds needs a summer vacation

  • Starts spelling his name Linux Torvalds -- John Oh
  • Consultant for MS Attack Team on Linux -- Venkatesh Ramu
  • Joins Microsoft as Chief SOftware Architect -- Venkatesh Ramu
  • Starts carrying eggs on his feet to protect them from the cold -- Bob Roche
  • Initial 2.6 kernel version code named "LinuxXP" Jeff Webb
  • Needs to get into a pair of sandals, as the Microsoft Mafia is wanting to fit him with a new pair of cement shoes -- Kevin Jackson
  • He starts walking around with a blanket sucking his thumb -- Kris Prewett
  • He is considering The Great Pumpkin as a name for the next release -- Kris Prewett
  • Starts referring to the latest kernel build as, Klink and walks around muttering, I know nothing, nothing! -- Greg Goodman
  • Suggests integrating Mozilla into the kernel -- Jason Hicks
  • Says he is ready to begin moving to release 2.6 by having the next version be named 2.6.0-pre1. He then releases 2.6.0-test1 -- Kirk C Aune
  • Says he is Finish(ed) and will write no more operating systems -- Kirk C Aune
  • Walking around humming the tune "Start me up"... -- Chris Lange
  • Returning from lunch, he absently types "c:\WINDOWS\WINIPCFG" as a first step to troubleshoot his inoperative network connection. Then he realizes the keyboard's not plugged in -- Lee Chambers
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