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Palisade Flags Trouble

AMES, Iowa -- Palisade Systems, a leading provider of content monitoring, filtering and encryption appliances, today announced that it has uncovered over 190 network protocols an employee might have access to, many of which present security and compliance risks to organizations that send and store sensitive data. In addition to common network communication protocols like IM, HTTP, Webmail and peer-to-peer applications that most organizations monitor, Palisade Systems’ engineers uncovered many unconventional protocols that organizations often overlook and aren’t able to monitor unless using highly specialized data leak technology.

“Our research into how many different network communication protocols exist is very alarming and underscores how easily an employee can send content and data outside their organization’s network without ever being detected,” remarked Kurt Shedenhelm, CEO and president of Palisade Systems. “With this list, organizations can double check how many ways their own employees might be sending information without their knowledge to the outside world.”

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