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OS X Mountain Lion: 11 Highlights | 8 Lessons From Nortel's Breach

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Friday, February 17, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist 8 Lessons From Nortel's 10-Year Security Breach
By Mathew J. Schwartz
Learn from Nortel's missteps. Security experts warn that more businesses have been hit by ongoing, difficult to detect exploits.

Android Spyware Distributed By Third Party Online Marketplaces
Nortel Breach Gave Hackers Access For Years, Report Says

Apple OS X Mountain Lion: 11 Highlights
OS X and iOS continue to converge. Will they be one some day?

Inside Zynga's Big Move To Private Cloud
With private cloud, Zynga found it could do the same work it had been doing on Amazon EC2, but with one-third the number of servers. Go inside the how and why of the move.

HTC Quad-Core Smartphone Nears MWC Debut
Look for HTC to announce an Android smartphone with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor at the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show.

How Microsoft Made Windows Secure From Ground Up
Microsoft's Steve Lipner, who was a major proponent of the need for a secure development methodology, talks about the successes of Microsoft's push--and the costs.

Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2: Top Tablet Troubles
What are the most common problems users have with Apple's iPad 2 and Amazon's Kindle Fire? Troubleshooting site FixYa shares the scoop.

Do Health IT Hires Need A Clinical Background?
The debate on which qualifications an IT job candidate needs to work in a hospital or medical practice rages.

The past is really almost as much a work of the imagination as the future. -- Jessamyn West


Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2: Top Tablet Troubles
Do Health IT Hires Need A Clinical Background?
Alert: Smarter, Stealthier, Sneakier Malware
Mobile WAN Optimization Report
iPad 3: 9 Things We Really Want
Competition in the Tablet Market
Take Our Alternative Application Delivery Survey

Posted By Steve Hillshire:
"The author is completely wrong. Pure Android + unlocked bootloader = future-proof beyond what Apple can even hope to accomplish. THAT speaks volumes to Android."
In reply to: "Motorola's Messy Ice Cream Sandwich Speaks Volumes On Android"
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Posted By cBreshears:
"When things get better settled as to how best to program multi-core processors and GPUs we will want more standardization and less re-reinventing the wheel."
In reply to: "The Need to Rewrite Established Algorithms"
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Alert: Smarter, Stealthier, Sneakier Malware
Increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks are making it more difficult for organizations to detect and defend against them. We collect several Dark Reading reports on these smarter, sneakier attacks.
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Featured Report
Strategy: SIEM
In this report, we discuss 10 questions to ask yourself in determining whether SIEM makes sense for you-and how to pick the right system if it does.
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Featured Report


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Mobile WAN Optimization Report
Mobile work continues to evolve. Your organization must keep up with the demands of its mobile workforce. This report introduces the concept of mobile WAN optimization and provides three case studies including RCM, PRTM and Einstein that highlight how this emerging technology can help IT departments achieve what previously appeared to be conflicting goals.
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Hybrid Cloud Delivery: Managing Cloud Services from Request to Retirement
A strong, flexible and valuable cloud infrastructure can deliver exceptional service quality to the business. But not all clouds, or the services they support, are created equally. Learn how you can combine the benefits of traditional IT management with the dynamic potential of cloud architectures.
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iPad 3: 9 Things We Really Want
Apple, as usual, is keeping the tablet's specs under wraps. But here's what we want to see.

CIA Website Hacked, Struggles To Recover
Anonymous and other hacktivists also left their marks on the U.S. Census Bureau, Interpol, and Mexico, as well as law enforcement websites in Alabama and Texas.

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
Anonymous 'hacktivists' aim to expose what they call government and establishment hypocrisy. Take a closer look at the group, its offshoots, and its infamous attacks.

9 Powerful Business Uses For Tablet Computers
From the warehouse to the sales floor, see how companies creatively use iPads and other tablets to save time and money, sell more, and delight customers. Tablets may even find a home on garbage trucks.

6 Predictions For Business Intelligence In 2012
A look at in-memory analysis, visual discovery, big data, mobile BI, cloud and social BI achievements in 2011 and forecasts for the year ahead.


10 iPad Problems, Solved
Don't let iPad annoyances drive you crazy or steal your time. We've chased down solutions to vexing iPad problems.   View Now

9 Startups That Caught IBM's Eye
9 Powerful Business Uses For Tablet Computers


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Competition in the Tablet Market
Join our webcast and hear discussions of current tablet market conditions and forecasts of future trends. Plus: Learn about operating system developments from companies other than Apple and how they will affect the tablet market. It happens Wednesday, February 22, 2012 More Information & Registration


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In this all-day virtual event, top business technologists, experts, and solution providers will discuss strategies, essential technologies and evolving regulator/legal issues around the next generation of multi-channel distribution best practices.
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