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Oracle Outlines Roadmap; Microsoft Preps Azure

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TOP STORY: Oracle Outlines Post Merger Roadmap

MORE NEWS: Microsoft To Launch Pennies-Per-Hour Azure Cloud Service

ANALYTIC REPORT: 5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

WHITEPAPER: Performance and Availability for Business-Critical Applications

BLOG: Your Dad's SLAs And The Cloud

WEBCAST: Optimize Your Data Center Operations and Harvest Savings

RESOURCES: Special Coverage Of Apple's iPad Launch

InformationWeek Daily

 Friday, January 29, 2010 




Telepresence is turning video communications into a near in-person
experience. This report identifies best practices for selecting
and implementing telepresence systems and examines bandwidth,
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We also include an ROI model that lets you test several video
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Oracle Outlines Post Merger Roadmap

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Sun Microsystems will add $1.5 billion to Oracle's profitability within a year of the just-completed merger of the two companies.


Oracle CEO Ellison: Sun Will Be Profitable In February

Oracle: We're Hiring Sales, Tech Staff

Global CIO: Oracle-Sun Biggest Challenge Isn't Technology

Down To Business: Oracle v. Rimini Has Huge Ramifications


Microsoft To Launch Pennies-Per-Hour Azure Cloud Service

Following a month of no-cost tire kicking, Microsoft will begin charging customers on Feb. 1 for its new Windows Server-based cloud computing service.

SAP CEO Details Prospects For 2010

Leo Apotheker is looking to the software firm's forthcoming Business ByDesign suite to boost revenue after a difficult 2009.

Tech Resellers See Revenue Gain

Commercial resellers saw a rise in sales in December, indicating that tech spending among small and medium-sized businesses is on the rebound.

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable To Attack

A report finds widespread concern among IT security executives about cyber threats to industry networks.

iPad Missing 'Something Important'

Adobe says no Flash support means Apple's hot new tablet is incompatible with millions of Web sites.

Samsung 3D TV Mass Production Begins

Some analysts say the market for 3D television will take about 10 years to reach more than half of the U.S. population.

Zune Update Hints At Phone

New driver package for Microsoft's MP3 player specifically references such a device.

"In war, good guys always become bad guys."
-- Howard Zinn 

Apple Releases iPad SDK In Beta

The software development kit is available to individuals and enterprises who wish to build proprietary tablet applications.



5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

A shift in thinking toward data-centric protection via technologies like encryption, data loss prevention and strong access controls can protect your agencies sensitive data. Read the InformationWeek Government Report today to learn more!

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Featured Report

Using Service Providers To Boost Protection

While the SaaS market is, in many ways, still in its infancy, hosted e-mail security firms are leading the way thanks to ease of implementation and many obvious benefits. Still, these services aren't without risks. In this report, we'll discuss how to determine what mix of in-house and hosted mail makes sense for your organization.

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Performance and Availability for Business-Critical Applications

This report discusses the challenges facing today's businesses and explores how a sophisticated Application Performance Management solution locates problems at their source with minimal computing overhead.
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Provide IT Support From Your iPhone

See how the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone provides top-notch IT support by accessing computers even when you're away from them.
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Featured Blogger

Your Dad's SLAs And The Cloud

Posted By Jonathan Feldman

I chatted recently with a number of vendors about service level agreements (SLAs) and cloud computing. Perhaps the quote from these conversations that resonated with me most was, "your dad's SLAs won't cover the use cases for cloud." And, it's true. I joke around that cloud computing is just renamed Internet computing or network computing, but when you start adding in the factors surrounding cloud, it's pretty obvious that Dad's role in cloud SLAs is as an advisor, not implementor.


Oracle CEO Ellison: Sun Will Be Profitable In February

Posted by Bob Evans

Making a huge commitment to Sun's viability and value, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Sun will become profitable next month and will remain in the black thereafter. Setting up that unexpected promise, Ellison said, "So we're hiring, not firing. We're not cutting Sun to profitability, we're growing Sun to profitability."

Motorola Working On Google Nexus Phone?

Posted By Eric Zeman

Today Motorola confirmed that it is working on a new Android phone that it plans to sell directly to consumers through Google. Will its unnamed device be the Nexus Two? Perhaps.

Oracle-Sun Layoff Claim Was Irresponsible Garbage: Ellison

Posted By Bob Evans

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison served notice on competitors yesterday but saved his toughest talk for the UBS investment analyst who recently floated the rumor that Oracle would dismiss more than 13,000 Sun employees, or half its total workforce. Ellison called that claim "garbage" that was "highly irresponsible" and then set the record straight: Oracle will be adding employees.

Apple's iPad To Nickel And Dime Customers

Posted By Eric Zeman

Apple is ruthless with its product pricing. It charges the maximum price it can get for a given product...and still leaves out essential ingredients, forcing customers to buy over-priced accessories. The iPad is no different.


Optimize Your Data Center Operations and Harvest Savings

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Special Coverage Of Apple's iPad Launch

See full coverage of the sizzling market for tablet PCs, including Fritz Nelson's live blog from Wednesday's Apple iPad announcement.

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