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Oracle Fixes Java Flaw | How To Scare Off Your Best IT People

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  Monday, January 14, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist How To Scare Off Your Best IT People
By Jonathan Feldman
We put so much into our communications with customers, yet we spend comparatively little time communicating to "our most important resource."

8 IT Mistakes: Must-Have Lessons From Top CIOs
CIOs As Rainmakers: The New Meme, Deconstructed

Oracle Fixes Zero Day Java Flaws: Patch Now
Java 7 update, released Sunday, fixes bugs widely targeted by crimeware toolkits. Other critical bug updates coming later this week from Oracle and Microsoft.

Samsung Nixes Windows RT Tablet For U.S.
Samsung's decision hurts Microsoft's efforts to gain ground against Google and Apple in the mobile computing market.

Longer-Term Outsourcing Contracts Gain Favor
More IT leaders lean away from multiple outsourcing suppliers and short-term contracts, in search of stability and control, Ovum says.

Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Part Orders In Half
Apple, responding to weak market demand, has sliced orders for iPhone 5 parts by as much as 50%.

Feds Face Challenges In Mobility Mandate
As agencies develop apps that extend government data to on-the-go citizens and employees, many issues have cropped up.

CES 2013: 5 Dumbest Ideas
CES launches some of the coolest gadgets on the planet. But with more than 3,000 exhibitors this year, not everyone could be a winner.

"If we don't allow ourselves to make mistakes, we will never invest in things that are radical." -- Jeff Clavier


Feds Face Challenges In Mobility Mandate
CES 2013: 5 Dumbest Ideas
Fundamentals: Cloud ID Management
Unruly USB Devices Expose Networks to Malware
CES 2013: 5 Dumbest Ideas
Is Your Network Ready for BYOD?
2013 InformationWeek 500: Nominations Now Accepted

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Posted By Ken Rimple:
"Nobody on the public web should be using Java applets today. Most abuse of 'web candy' is with the Adobe Flash player, and that's also going the way of the dodo as people are starting to use HTML 5 and Javascript."
In reply to: ""Java Under Attack Again, Disable Now""
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  Digital Issue  
Mobile applications are the new way to extend government information and services to on-the-go citizens and employees.

Also: A new initiative aims to shift the 17-member Intelligence Community from agency-specific IT silos to an enterprise environment of shared systems and services.

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Fundamentals: Cloud ID Management
Worried about controlling access to all the cloud applications your employees use? IT has a variety of options to help manage cloud-based identities, including Active Directory synchronization, federation and purpose-built cloud services that provide single sign-on for online applications.
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Featured Report
Research: 2012 Application Security Survey
Tried-and-true methods like defense in depth can provide breathing room while you get a secure SDLC in place-a job still facing 56% of our 475 respondents. And they'd better get moving, because 51% of those with secure SDLC programs on their radar have developed and/or assumed responsibility for securing 11 or more Web apps.
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Featured Report


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Unruly USB Devices Expose Networks to Malware
It's easy for organizations to get so wrapped up about what goes out on USB drives that they forget to protect against what comes in their environments via USB. Find out why it's time that organizations got serious about this threat and learn the key to USB security.
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From Revolution to Evolution: The Case for Agile ALM
Read this paper to find out what is happening in the industry in regards to Agile ALM and what you can do to take your development teams to the next level.
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CES 2013: 5 Dumbest Ideas
CES launches some of the coolest gadgets on the planet. But with more than 3,000 exhibitors this year, not everyone could be a winner.

CES 2013: 7 Standout Technologies
What happens at CES 2013 doesn't stay in Vegas. From giant tablets to $20,000 televisions, take a peek at a few early standouts for gadget lovers.

10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Check out these 10 gems that stood out from the crowd of 700,000 Android apps.

CES 2013: 9 Cool Gadgets
Consumer Electronics Show is a tech smorgasbord. Here are nine products that attest to the show's overwhelming variety.

Big Data Analytics Masters Degrees: 20 Top Programs
These one-year and two-year graduate programs are just what's needed to close the big-data talent gap. Read on to find a school that fits your ambitions and background.


10 Mobile Health Apps From Uncle Sam
New mobile apps from the Department of Health and Human Services, for consumers and doctors alike, let you search medical literature, locate health centers, fight drug abuse and much more.   View Now

10 Social Networks For Special Interests
8 Key Changes In Microsoft SharePoint 2013


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CES; Synaptics senses mobile touch potential
Synaptics is moving on from simple touchpad sensors to a more touch integrated future, from better designed ThinTouch capacitive keyboards to mobile touchscreens that work even with gloved hands.   Watch

CES: Maxim shows heart, turns up volume on audio
NXP on route to automotive future



Is Your Network Ready for BYOD?
Simply preventing personal devices from accessing your network might not be the best option for your business. A well thought out BYOD policy and the proper wireless security strategy can empower your employees, save costs, and increase productivity while maintaining security and control. Join us January 24 to find out what you need to consider when implementing a BYOD policy. More Information & Registration

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2013 InformationWeek 500: Nominations Now Accepted
Nominate your company for the 2013 InformationWeek 500 -- our 25th annual ranking of the country's most innovative users of business technology. Organizations with $250 million or more in revenue may pre-register now to receive more information.
Deadline is April 12

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