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Oracle Damage Expert Lands On $1.66 billion: Enterprise 2.0 Special Coverage

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TOP STORY: Oracle-SAP Trial: Oracle Damage Expert Lands On $1.66 Billion

MORE NEWS: Enterprise 2.0: Cisco Broadening Quad To Cloud

ANALYTIC REPORT: Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

WHITEPAPER: 11 Habits of Highly Successful BPM Programs

SLIDESHOW: 9 Ways Health IT Improves Patient Care

VIDEO: Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

BLOG: Social Security's Productivity-Blocking Policy

WEBCAST: Smarter Customer Service: The Business Case For Text Analytics

RESOURCES: Take Our State of Storage Survey -- You Could Win An iPod!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude." -- Zig Ziglar



Oracle-SAP Trial: Oracle Damage Expert Lands On $1.66 Billion

A long day of math leads Oracle's damage expert to a final tally of damages. The tally comes after the judge limits the damage amount. On Friday, Oracle rests its case.


Oracle CEO Ellison Demands $4 Billion In Damages From SAP

SAP CFO Werner Brandt Baffles Oracle As Trial Girds for Ellison

Oracle-SAP Trial: Phillips Says SAP Owes "Billions," Oracle Can't Find Apotheker

Oracle V. SAP: Courtroom Diary

HDI Conference
Watch ALL of Web 2.0 Summit from anywhere in the world, starting at
2:30 Pacific/5:30 Eastern on Monday, Nov. 15. Speakers at this sold-out
event include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; Google CEO Eric Schmidt; Adobe
CEO Shatanu Narayen; Yahoo's Carol Bartz; Twitter's Evan Williams; Ariel
Emanuel, the real "Ari" of Entourage fame; FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski;
and many more.

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Enterprise 2.0: Cisco Broadening Quad To Cloud

The networking powerhouse is poised to extend its Unified Communications-centric collaboration product, currently available as a hosted version for large enterprises, by adding a cloud-based iteration aimed at the SMB market.

Enterprise 2.0: Meetzi Wins Launch Pad Contest

Product clarity and an adept presentation helped the online meeting management startup prevail.

Enterprise 2.0: Rethinking Customer Relationship Management

Author and consultant Paul Greenberg urges companies to find ways to engage with their customers.

Global CIO: Our S.O.S. For Application Consolidation

Following our divestiture from Bristol-Myers Squibb, our company took a big and bold approach to reduce our software portfolio.

Windows Phone 7: 40,000 Units Sold On Day One

Microsoft's new mobile platform isn't breaking any sales records out of the gate.

RIM's PlayBook Tablet To Cost Under $500

Research In Motion's enterprise tablet, the PlayBook, is set to go on sale in the early months of 2011 for less than $500.

Microsoft, EMC Team On Private Cloud Virtualization

The virtualized infrastructure includes EMC Symmetrix VMAX, Windows Server R2 and Microsoft Hyper-V and can scale to support 1,024 virtual machines.

Sprint Relies On Apple To Sell Products

Sprint's latest wireless accessory, the ZTE Peel, works only with Apple's iPod Touch. Though it doesn't offer the iPhone, Sprint is still banking on Apple for sales.

Global CIO: 'Net Neutrality' A Ballot Bomb: Supporters Shellacked At Polls

In last week's elections, all 95 Congressional candidates who had promised to support 'net neutrality' initiatives were defeated. Are we getting the picture here?

Schwartz On Security: Reaching The M&A Tipping Point

The jury is out on whether businesses will benefit from Intel buying McAfee or from Symantec, IBM and Microsoft sucking up everything in sight.

T-Mobile Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab

First U.S. supplier of the Android-powered tablet expected to be joined shortly by Verizon and Sprint.

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• Set BI On Solid Footing: Companies expect business intelligence
that adapts to their changing needs. Information management is the
place to start.
• Clean Up That Web Mess: It's time to tackle that hodgepodge of
customer-facing sites that you've been ignoring. We have best practices
to help.
• Cloud App Security: The federal government plans program to ensure
cloud services meet security requirements.
And Much More!

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Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

The strategy points to Sun hardware optimized to run Oracle software. But our exclusive research finds many IT pros doubt that they'll benefit from the partnership. This report outlines Oracle's road maps for key Sun products, and analyzes what changes the acquisition will bring for business technology decision makers.

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Featured Report

Readying Your Server Infrastructure For EMR

The healthcare industry is undergoing a sea change as medical records go digital. In this report, we'll advise midsize practices on how to get up and running with a server structure ready for electronic medical records, from scoping hardware and selecting software to deciding the in-house vs. outsourced question.

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Featured Report


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11 Habits of Highly Successful BPM Programs

Read this overview of real customer "habits" for proven success with BPM on a long-term basis. What do they do at the start to set them up for success? How do they invest along the way? How do they establish an enterprise-wide BPM capability?
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Extend Security to the Edge with Web App Security

This white paper examines current trends in Web application security, assessing the present threat environment as well as limitations in existing approaches to protection, and then explores how a Web application firewall solution can overcome these challenges.
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9 Ways Health IT Improves Patient Care

The HITECH legislation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is allocating more than $20 billion to push for the adoption of health IT nationwide, including e-health records and e-prescription systems. Health IT can boost patient's quality of care by reducing medical errors, improving clinical decision making and helping to eliminate redundant and unnecessary tests and costs. Health IT, including automated systems that check for adverse drug interactions, allergies, and confirm patient IDs, can help patients avoid being victim to medication and other errors. Meanwhile, as more aging and chronically ill patients are cared for at home, health IT deployments can help keep those individuals out of the hospital, while mobile apps and other tech deployments aid in wellness programs to keep the healthy active. Here are a few examples of health IT helping to bring those benefits.   View Now


15 Mobile Apps For Better Health

NASA, Microsoft Reveal Mars In Pictures


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Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

Michael Wrinn's keynote from SIGCSE 2010: With parallel programming models evolving, and a variety of approaches being tried in academia and industry, flexibility is vital.   Watch


PLoS Sample Movie

SMB Reaps the Rewards of ERP




Featured BloggerSocial Security's Productivity-Blocking Policy

By Ed Hansberry

Your network has arrived! That's the message channel partners get when they visit Microsoft's partner website these days. After years spent refining and re-refining its partner initiatives, the software behemoth has finally unveiled the fruits of its labor.


Pee On Your Phone To Check For STDs

By Ed Hansberry

Cell phones have moved into just about every aspect of our lives, and it appears they are going where few devices have gone before. Sure, many people take their phone to the bathroom with them, and a few rude ones actually make calls from the inner sanctum. Now though some want you to take your phone there with a purpose, to check yourself for sexually transmitted diseases.

Go Green With Fewer Printers, Says Xerox Exec

By Lamont Wood

Of course, they should be large, pricey workgroup printers. Or you can cut the cord and use electronic documents, but that never seems to happen.

Microsoft Unveils Revitalized Partner Network

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Your network has arrived! That's the message channel partners get when they visit Microsoft's partner website these days. After years spent refining and re-refining its partner initiatives, the software behemoth has finally unveiled the fruits of its labor.

iPhone Apps Going The Way Of Flash Homepages?

By Ed Hansberry

Companies are falling over themselves trying to get an app for their company in the App Store. Is this a long-term trend or will companies back away from custom apps as fast as they backed away from Flash based home pages years ago?

Are Viruses What SMBs Really Need To Be Most Worried About?

By Keith Ferrell

Viruses and Trojans topped small and midsized business's security concerns in a recent survey, with data leaks not far behind. But the real top concern needs to be the incomplete security policies and practices that are typical of too many SMBs.


Smarter Customer Service: The Business Case For Text Analytics

Join industry experts from Jackson Lewis LLP, Bank Systems & Technology, and Kronos as we examine the state of wage and hour practices in the financial services industry, looking at how litigation could affect you and the important role workforce management can play in your overall risk management strategy.

It happens Wednesday, November 10, 2010/ 9AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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