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Oracle To Buy Phase Forward For $685 Million

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TOP STORY: Oracle To Buy Phase Forward For $685 Million

MORE NEWS: Google Unveils Cloud Print

ANALYTIC REPORT: Strategy: State Data Protection Laws

WHITEPAPER: Monitoring the Web 2.0 User Experience

BLOG: Opera Number One Free Download For iPhone

WEBCAST: Enterprise 2.0: Transforming Your Business With Enterprise Social Networks

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 Monday, April 19, 2010 



Outsourcing: Why Aren't We Better At This?

InformationWeek's Green Issue
With cloud computing, outsourcing management is more important than ever, yet many IT shops still aren't doing it well. Get insight from our 2010 outsourcing survey -- only in our April 20 digital issue!

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Oracle To Buy Phase Forward For $685 Million

The impending addition to Oracle's Health Sciences division makes a SaaS-based integrated research suite to help manage drug trials.


Global CIO: Oracle Delivers On Larry Ellison's MySQL Promises

Oracle Continues Acquisition Spree

Oracle To Buy AmberPoint

10 Ways SAP Can Beat Oracle


Google Unveils Cloud Print

The upcoming Chrome OS will push printing beyond the desktop.

VIDEO: Touring Google's Usability Lab

Techweb got a behind-the-scenes look into the Google Usability Lab, where the company tests user feedback. Through cameras, two-way mirrors, and broadcasts that Google employees watch live, the company collects user feedback.

Apple Market Strongest In California

Despite its relatively small share of the PC market, Apple's overall market penetration makes it a major player in many parts of the country.

Cable Companies Partner On Wi-Fi Network

Cablevision Systems, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable have deployed thousands of Wi-Fi access points across a wide swath of metropolitan New York City to make a first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi network.

HP Snags $119 Million Medicaid Contract

Hewlett-Packard will continue to help state of Kansas process benefit-related calls and claims.

GSA Issues Tech Innovation Awards

Government agency solutions that improve how citizens interact with the Federal government receive the General Services Administration's top honors.

FBI Director Reports On Delayed Sentinel System

Robert Mueller tells Congress he'll do whatever's needed to ensure the case management system overhaul gets back on track.

"Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable."
-- Sir Francis Bacon 

Sony Ericsson Posts 1Q Profit

Strong sales of the company's smartphones push the company to a $25 million first quarter profit.

FDA Performance Tracking System Goes Live

The Food and Drug Administration has launched a public system for tracking the activities of 100 agency offices against key performance metrics.


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Strategy: State Data Protection Laws

The new Massachusetts data security law underscores the increasingly aggressive role states are taking in protecting consumer information and raises the stakes in terms of enforcement--and potential penalties in the event of a data breach. Other statutes are on the books, and on the horizon. Are you ready to comply?

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Featured Report

Cloud Contracts and SLAs

Cloud computing is approximately where the Internet was more than a decade ago: full of both promise and hype, and constantly changing. As companies evaluate cloud services, CIOs must help them reach business objectives and save money, while also serving in a stewardship role.

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Featured Report


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Monitoring the Web 2.0 User Experience

Monitoring the Web 2.0 User Experience
You can't improve what you don't measure--and what you measure matters. In the case of dynamic Web 2.0 applications, what you measure must reflect the real user experience--which can only be captured from within the browser. Discover an effective tool to monitor and boost the web 2.0 user experience.
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Windows 7 Readiness Assessments FAQ

If you're looking to move to Windows 7, a Microsoft Windows 7 Readiness Assessment will analyze your migration project and suggest best practices to ensure you meet deadlines. Check out these FAQs to learn how to use the right asset discovery tools and compatibility testing prior to your migration.
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Featured Blogger

Opera Number One Free Download For iPhone

By Ed Hansberry

Opera Mini was just approved by Apple to show up in the app store and it has already become the most popular free download, surpassing one million downloads in a day. Is it on your iPhone yet?


Google's Quarterly Android Report

By Eric Zeman

Google's Android platform is gaining steam every day. Android phones continue to roll off the assembly lines of a dozen companies, and applications are added to the Android market each day. Here are some stats from Google's recent quarterly report.

Google Data-Center Spending Rises To 'Only' $239M For Q1

By Bob Evans

Not many companies spend $239 million in a quarter on data-center capital expenditures, but for Google that's way down from the whopping levels it reached during its power-spending data-center buildouts in '07 and '08.

Next-Gen iPhone Spotted?

By Eric Zeman

A fuzzy image of what could be the rear side of the next-generation iPhone is making its way across the Internet. It looks like a shrunken iPad more than an evolved iPhone. Real or not, Sasktel's CEO accidentally said the next-gen iPhone is coming in June.

Scott McNealy On Steve Jobs And Larry Ellison

By Bob Evans

Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy might be gone but he's not forgotten how to pack a lot of punch into a few words. At a new-product rollout for a company he's advising, McNealy offered the crowd some classic comments on Apple and Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, mistakes Sun made, Microsoft, and how he thinks he'll be remembered.


Enterprise 2.0: Transforming Your Business With Enterprise Social Networks

Join a panel of industry experts and learn how companies are using enterprise social networks to engage employees, drive innovation, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiencies.

It happens April 28.

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This issue sponsored by Infoblox:
IPAM Freeware and Gartner Report Available from Infoblox.
Fully functional. Updated in 2010. Say goodbye to spreadsheets
and hello to automated IP address management or (IPAM).
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Image Gallery: NASA's Nebula Cloud Container

The space agency's cloud computing initiative, which started as a research project, has become a cornerstone of the federal government's cloud strategy.

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