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This Old Data Center


Top 5 Clues Your Data Center Needs Upgrading

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Laying the Foundation

Although much data-center planning and implementation is specific to each enterprise, a few universal truths hold. First, the small stuff matters. Even the simplest technology, like cabling, deserves your full attention. Second, any upgrade request will likely generate the question: Should we do this ourselves or outsource? To answer, examine your core competencies and weigh total costs of data-center operation against services provided by the likes of Equinix, Rackspace Managed Hosting and Savvis Communications.

Off-loading IT functions may be a hot trend--the worldwide IT outsourcing market is predicted to grow 7.9 percent yearly to reach $429.2 billion by 2008, according to Gartner--but it's not always the best choice (for insight, see "Why Outsource?" ). If you do outsource your data center, a comprehensive SLA (service-level agreement) is a must; "Craft a Data-Center SLA So It Meets Business Needs", provides tips.


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