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nwc on iCal

I've been toying with Mac OS X's iCal tonight, looking for a way to tie content from our various RSS feeds into my calendar, which I could then share with others. As any good anthropologist will tell you, if someone in East Asia suddenly realizes that a round wheel beats one that's square, then there's a very good chance that someone somewhere else will think the same.

Proving this point, I did a little Googling and presto, I found that a very cool fellow named Noel Jackson had created just such a tool (via PHP) a week or so ago. It basically creates a url to which readers can subscribe, pulling a select number of recent posts into an all day event (the actual posts show up in the notes field). Pretty nifty stuff Noel. Thank you!

So, if you're into iCal, and you'd like to subscribe to this and our other Weblogs via your calendar program, I've set up hrefs for each below. If your browser is too stupid to automatically generate an ics association with iCal, just copy the url and from iCal's Calendar pull-down, select Subscribe and paste away. I hope you enjoy them.