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Are you tired of repeating yourself at a large dinner table, first to the left side, then to the right? Do you hate having to outline a subtle point while waiting in line at the open bar? Look no further than the nTAG, the handy RFID-based, wearable computer that records your thoughts and opinions and then communicates those to like devices.

According to the folks at nTAG, these little gems will actually help you find common ground and meet new friends, even at the largest conference or company meeting by beaming your likes and dislikes around the room, looking for and then identifying others, who share the same. Just in case our company adopts this winning technology, I've already prepped my list of Common Ground items:

I have
  • few opinions
  • many ideas
  • no clue
I need
  • something
  • everything
  • nothing

Let's see what the nTAG brings my way.