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Novell BrainShare Report

In case you missed out on the goings on at BrainShare 2003 last week, our intrepid contributor, James E. Drews has posted the following CliffsNotes-esque show report.

  1. Netware 6.5 is now in open beta (beta 3). I have had it in the closed beta form for a while now...
  2. Novell has said that NetWare 7 will run on the traditional NetWare kernel, or if you want, it will run on top of Linux. Of course not a peep as to when this will show up. Most of what was promised at brainshare last year for future releases of netware are now part of netware 6.5.
  3. All the ZEN products are now rolled into a single suite, ZENworks 6. The point products are still available, but the suite does have a tighter integration and they have added a few things (a subset of the Desktop DNA from another company that allows administrators to migrate user profile and additional information from say Win95 to WinXP (or any version of windows).
  4. Novell now has an open source site, where they will put out their open source. The first major bit of code to hit the site is their UDDI server implementation. They haven't said what other items would be placed up there yet, but more is on the way. The site can also be used by anyone to post their source code.