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N+I Day Two: Photo Diary

mobilecam-sm.jpg This strange skunkwork project is the brainchild of wireless vendor firetide. It's a portable Wi-Fi video camera that Von (pictured here) and the rest of the crew wheeled around the show floor, broadcasting video back to the booth. Apparently, once all of the vendors booted up their Wi-Fi APs, the fire truck had to stick close to home to avoid interference.
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security-sm.jpg Sequestering our editorial entourage at the Hard Rock Hotel makes for some unique experiences. This week Howard Stern is broadcasting from the hotel, creating a serious overabundance of strange people (that's right more than you typically find here on any given day). This is a shot of the security guards, who were trying to keep the rabble out of Howard's freak show. The surely fellow on the right looks like an early retirement from the police force.
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foundryman-sm.jpgA "Foundry Man" superhero sighting! It took me several attempts to get one of the booth buddies to hold up the vaunted action hero. Striking a muscle builder flex pose was just out of the question.
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vendorswag.jpgAh, the sweet smell of success...vendors, with the only swag that matters.

interopnet-sm.jpgSizing up one of the racks that runs this thing called InteropNet.
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tapping-sm.jpgAt the end of a hard day wrangling InteropNet, nothing wets the pallet of an IT professional quite like freshly tapped keg.
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