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newtsync for isync

Apparently the word legacy has no meaning when it comes to Apple's Newton. Not since the Amiga has a device garnered such support so long after its demise. So it is not at all surprising to see that with Apple's iSync now in beta an industrious soul has used it to synchronize the venerable Newton with Apple Jaguar systems.

Built by the folks at Everchanging, NewtSync lets you use iSync to transfer your iCal and AddressBook data back and forth. It's alpha code, and it will eventually cost you 34 clams. Still, the cool thing about this product is that it's built as a platform that will let developers access the Newton like it was any other Cocoa application.

So if you're a rabid Cocoa developer and a fan of the Newton, I'm looking for a plug-in that will let NetNewsWire talk to my Newton 120.