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New Product Sighting from N+I

Day one is not just about languishing in how-to sessions, birds-of-a-feather meetings and long lines at the Hilton Benihana. There's some real product action going on already. Here are a few press releases that have caught my eye so far today.

  • Oridus Introduces the SpaceCruiser -- No, it's not an ion propulsion based blade server, it's a cross platform desktop sharing, multimedia Web conferencing, and remote access solution with new instant messaging, VoIP and videoconferencing features. Whew!
  • Enterasys (we've always liked these guys) releases Matrix N-Series switches -- According to the company (no public press release available just yet) these switches will focus on "the identification, authentication and management of individual users, applications or devices."
  • Force10 Networks (Not from Navarone, unfortunately) unveils the Force10 Management System (FTMS) (reported last week on Light Reading) -- As strange at it may sound, this high-performance network-centric management platform is 100 percent Java based. So you can check out your server and devices performance stats from your Palm Pilot while waiting in line at the Benihana.

BTW, will someone please tell Belkin to stop submitting product ads disguised as press releases? It's just not funny.