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Greetings Folks,

Hope you enjoyed the extended weekend, compliments of our past Presidents. Best of all, the work week is one day less!

In any event, we're pleased to present to you the first half of our February 19th, 2004 issue. Some of the excellent articles you'll find inside include:

  • Our Latest 'On Location' Feature spotlighting the University of Florida Gainesville. The University's Icarus P2P-blocking software has clipped students' file-sharing wings. But do the school's policy-enforcing capabilities go too far?
  • Our 'On Location' series continues with a look at Implementing Icarus P2P-Blocking Software. Icarus put the kibosh on University of Florida students' P2P play with a collection of PERL scripts paired with a MySQL RDBMS. As a bonus, the flexible app squelched Welchia by dynamically quarantining infected machines.
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