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Zinside Debuts The Zen Box Server

Application service provider Zinside recently introduced its Zen Box server, a product the company is positioning as an open-source alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. The French company's first configuration of the server is based on a "Shuttle" case, with an AMD AthlonXP 2400+, 256 MB of RAM DDR 300Mhz, a 80 GB hard drive and CDROM burner.

The Zen Side is aimed at consolidating what the vendor sees as a fragmented server industry approach. It offers customers an all-in-one package, including: installation of the server with a monthly membership; software upgrades;
24/7 system monitoring; local backup; remote administration for full support of the system
hardware warranty. The server offers options such as video surveillance. According to the company, the next generation of the Zen Box will soon support Voice-Over-IP and FAX modules.

Pricing was not immediately available.