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Zenoss Aims Systems Management At Midsized IT

Zenoss, a supplier of open source systems management software, is adding a Professional Edition aimed at medium-sized IT organizations to its Zenoss systems and network management product set.

Zenoss Professional Edition will be a lighter version of the Zenoss Enterprise Edition introduced 11 months ago. Both are based on the open source Zenoss Core monitoring system, one of the 10 most active open source projects on SourceForge, said Bill Karpovich, Zenoss' co-founder and CEO.

The Professional Edition can perform auto-discovery of servers, applications and network devices and populates a configuration management database with configuration data on each resource. It also includes Rancid open source network monitoring and generates a network topology map, with real-time updates on added devices.

The Professional Edition supports the same 11 protocols as Enterprise Edition, including SMTP, RPC, HTTP, FTP, DNS, and POP 3.

The Enterprise Edition, on the other hand, includes VMware and Citrix XenSource virtual machine monitoring, and deep database and J2EE middleware monitoring for the JBoss application server, Oracle Database Server, and Oracle's WebLogic Application Server.

Silver-level technical support is priced at $100 per managed resource for the Professional Edition, $150 for the Enterprise Edition. Gold-level support is priced at $130 for the Professional Edition, $180 for the Enterprise Edition.

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