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The Zen of Password Management

Stage 1: Denial
They don't really mean that I have to change my password. It's just a suggestion, really, more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. Really, that warning will go away if I ignore it.
Stage 2: Anger
I will NOT change my password. I can't believe that the security of the entire company depends on me changing my password at this time. It's just a silly policy that IT uses to exercise digital control over the rest of the world.

Stage 3: Fear
But if I change my password I might forget it! I like my password the way it is - right now. I probably won't be able to remember what I changed it to and then I'll have to ::shudder:: call the help desk. Oh god, why is this happening to me?

Stage 4: Acceptance
Okay, I'll change my password but I won't like it. I guess maybe it really is important. After all, someone used Mary's password to hack into the corporate database yesterday and now we're under investigation by like every agency with a three letter acronym. I'll do it, but I hope they don't think I'm happy about it.

Stage 5: Wonder
Hey, that wasn't so bad. I remembered what my password is and when I told Bob and Jim and the counter guy at Starback's about the phrase technique I use to remember it they thought I was pretty cool. I'm sure the guy at Starbuck's was writing down my method so he could use it himself.

Stage 6: Joy
Wow, this new password is great! I wish I'd thought of it before. In fact, I've changed all my passwords to match the one I use at work! Gmail, Hotmail, PayPal, eBay... everything! It's such a great password! I love it! Maybe I'll name my first born after it!

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